5 Signs You're a Victim of Identity Theft!

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think about how many people have your

personal contact information your

financial information all the places

that you have a stored go ahead think

about it for a moment

it's a little bit shocking and it's a

little bit scary at the same time isn't


so after watching this video you'll know

five signs to watch for if you're a

victim of identity theft and what you

can do about it my name is Andrew Finney

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team let's take a closer look at this it

might seem impossible to lock down all

your information from the banks the

creditors credit card companies schools

were happy that have your financial

information and personal information on

file and on record yet with everything

that could go wrong there's also good

news and the good news is there's things

that you can watch for the note if

you're a victim of a identity theft so

let's go ahead and get into it the first

one is too many empty mail boxes those

annoying little adverts that you get in

the middle of time and you're wondering

how many jungles how many forests were

cut down to make those adverts they're

actually kind of a good sign especially

if they're offering you credit there are

trying to get your business or something

like that there can be a good sign that

everything is okay now when that stuff

stops and you're going to your mailbox

and you're wondering what gives there's

nothing in here and I'm used to seeing

these beautiful colorful advertisements

yeah I generally just put them in the

recycle bin but at the same time I kind

of like seeing them sometimes it's like

a rainbow in my mailbox right when they

stop appearing and that rainbow has

disappeared you need to take notice and

start going into proactive action

especially if you have not heard from

one of your creditors and like a month

if that's the case then you need to

reach out to them go online however you

have that set up and double check to

make sure that everything is okay on

another note if you don't have paperless

billing set up you might want to

consider it for two reasons one it's a

good thing to do for the earth so we can

all continue enjoying breathing kind of

an important thing the second reason is

because it starts limiting the amount of

personal information that's going into a

physical realm being your mailbox and

the opportunity they have it getting

picked off getting dropped getting lost

what have you somebody's sniping it off

now if for some reason you do get that

kind of information deliver to your

mailbox once you're done with it please

get in the habit of shredding it burning

it or doing something with the other

throwing it away as a whole piece that

could be piecemeal back together like a

puzzle now the second thing that happens

is you're getting calls and letters from

lenders you don't know if you got a bill

for a Rolls Royce recently and you're

wondering I don't have a rolls-royce and

I didn't know I could qualify for one

right that could be a very good sign

that someone's trying to use your credit

and that you've been a victim of

identity theft so if you get unfamiliar

calls from unknown numbers or unknown

creditors saying that you owe them money

it's a very suspicious activity and we

need to get to the bottom of it so as

opposed to ignoring bills or collection

calls just because you don't recognize

the account or the company called the

creditor be proactive and get on the

phone with them to report the fraud that

might be happening on your account

because if you don't know them they're

gonna keep hounding you and it's gonna

cause some problems for you down the

road that's to be proactive that's the

reach out to them best to get it report

it right away

the third sign is that you were denied

four credit now you might have been a

little bit surprised if you've got a

denial for a credit application and you

never submitted it that would be kind of

shocking and disturbing at the same time

right if you receive a denial letter in

the mail which is formally referred to

as a notice of adverse action it's

because thankfully the Fair Credit

Reporting Act requires lenders to send

adverse action letters when the report

is used for the basis of denying credit

so if you get one of those and you

haven't applied for credit it is a very

strong suggestion that someone is

attempting to gain your identity so

here's what you can do you can always

check the credit reports and in fact

after watching this video if you haven't

checked your credit reports in a while

please go check your credit reports and

make sure there's nothing going on there

other applications may have been

submitted in your name in that they

might be working their way through the

underwriting process so think about

placing fraud alerts on your credit

reports if you really want to stop the

fraud for reference you know the day

that I'm making this video right now

it's actually free to get a security

freeze on all your accounts if you want

no matter where you live

on another note the only caveat to

security freeze is that if you're

planning to purchase a home or get

refinancing or go purchase a car for

that matter you'll want to talk it over

with a loan officer because it will

impact the way that they get your credit

pulled and get it verified so it's

something that you'll need to allow them

access to so they can verify your credit

and make sure that you get approved for

what you are actually choosing to get


if that's not your case and you want to

go ahead and freeze it out that's up to


make it happen if that's what you wish

to do the fourth sign is that you see

unfamiliar credit inquiries in addresses

now this can get a little bit scary to

you right here's the thing credit

reporting agencies are actually required

to place a record on your credit reports

each time they share your credit

information with a third party this is

called an inquiry well now we know them

in real life or just being people as a

hard inquiry and we know that if you

keep doing this it really hurts our

critics core I've just done enough and

it takes like two years for these things

to drop off why it takes two years I

don't know is bonkers that it takes so

long for the drop but at the same time

we know them as hard inquiries and we

know that they can drop our score

generally somewhere between like three

and five points per inquiry now if

you're going along and you're just doing

your thing you go in your credit card

account you've got a free credit report

com whatever you're just monitoring your

credit being responsible with your

finances and then you start discovering

all of those different enquiries need to

be proactive because you might have a

fraudster that's applying for credit in

your name and using a different address

so here's what you do if you see an

unauthorized inquiry or address show up

on your credit report you want to make

sure that you add a fraud alert or

placing security freeze on all of your

ports immediately and start contesting

all of those credit inquiries and

tip-off they're bureaus now Credit Karma

makes that pretty easy you can actually

file right from the platform any kind of

disputes or ask for any resolutions or

go through their massively informative

content library to see what the best

step is for you to take next the fifth

sign is that your credit report just

bombed I mean completely tanked like it

just went down a lot and you weren't

expecting it here's the thing if you

have great credit reports you have a

great credit scores so if you're

monitoring your credit cards which by

the way it's very helpful if you're

doing once a month at a minimum and you

notice this short drop in your credit

report you need to find out why there's

a good chance that a derogatory comment

has been placed onto your credit report

for an unpaid bill so it could have been

something that a fraudster opened up and

now that it's going unpaid for several

months again going back to the wisdom

checking it at least once a month you'll

catch these things earlier and be able

to report them faster then what will

happen is it'll lead to a negative

credit reporting in a lower score for

you that's not cool whenever fraudsters

are out there doing that so let's do

everything that we can to put these

fraudsters in check so what you want to

do is you want to get in the habit of

reviewing not only your credit reports

once a month but lore

how to read your credit reports in

detail and understanding how they work

if you start seeing or you become

suspect that there's something going on

with your credit then you want to make

sure that you're notifying the credit

agencies immediately as a pro tip you

can visit forward slash identity

theft they'll go ahead and report that

now that website has a lot of wonderful

information on it about what you can do

and it also provides other links to

reporting agencies for you it'll guide

you through the steps of what you should

do if you suspect identity theft if

that's your case right now now that

we're coming to the end of this video

please go check out your credit report

and if you suspect identity theft report

it immediately please now that you know

the five signs of identity theft here's

what I want you to do tell us what

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should be watching forth to let us all

know if we're being targeted by an

identity thief is not cool let's protect

each other we're always stronger

together than we are alone let's band

together and protect each other from

these crazy fraudsters out there alright

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