Signs of Hormonal Imbalance in Women

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do you have an inkling or an intuition

that your hormones are out of whack and

you don't know if you should see a

doctor or not

you keep hearing people talking about

hormonal imbalances and you're like wait

is that me

this video is for you friend just keep

on watching what's going on guys

my name is nicole the creator of more

salt please and on this channel i talk a

lot about hormonal health and how to


balance your hormones i also share

plant-based recipes

low-carb high carb everywhere in between

but most importantly i encourage people


think for themselves do what works best

for them i don't try to push anything on


i just want everyone to be happy and

healthy and do what works for them so

you think your hormones might be

imbalanced let's talk about it i'm going

to go through a list of very common

symptoms of hormonal imbalances and i'll

give a little bit of insight into

why you might be having those issues and

how to fix it

but bottom line if you have any of these

symptoms that are persistent and they

just haven't gone away

or you have multiple of these symptoms

definitely check with

your doctor reach out get some help i am

not a doctor

disclaimer i am not a doctor i am not

certified or

qualified to really be diagnosing anyone

this is just from my personal experience

of having

pcos and having struggles with balancing

my own hormones naturally

i go through periods where i'm fine

dandy and then sometimes

where i'm my body is just all over the

place so this is just from my personal

experience and i also

work with naturopathic doctors for my

own health journey

and i've also worked with a nutritionist

who specializes in hormonal health for

women so

i'm just spouting out the information

that they have given to me

and they've imparted to me so just

wanted to get that out there

number one sign of hormonal imbalances

are irregular

periods now what i mean by this is your


is longer than most it's 35 to 45 days


sometimes you skip months sometimes you

go months or

years without getting your period and

while this sounds nice

in theory it's really not if you're a

biological woman and you want to live a


healthy life you want your hormones


whether you want to have biological

children or not

it's important that you balance your

hormones because your period

is basically a overall report card of

your health the second sign of hormonal

imbalance is

infertility now trigger warning if

you're struggling with infertility right


you're on a very tough journey of trying

to conceive and you

cannot skip ahead a couple minutes and

i'll see you there so if you are trying

to conceive you are tracking your cycle

you're having sex when you're ovulating

or when you think you're ovulating and

you haven't had success and it's been

over a year year and a half with no end

in sight

you definitely want to get checked out

this is a very complex topic that i

will not be delving into very deep on

this video and it could be a lot of

different reasons a lot of different

things that could be contributing

to your current infertility it doesn't

mean it's the end of the road for you

there are lots of different options out

there and

my heart goes out to every single woman

who has gone through this journey

because i mean i can't even imagine the


but the sad thing is is that for some

women it is

an easy fix but they're just not

knowledgeable of

what is going on or they're just going

to their primary care doctor

md for hormonal health stuff

and the truth is they're not specialized

in this

arena so they're ill-equipped to help


but if you have the means to do so i

highly recommend seeking out a


who specializes in hormonal issues or

women who are trying to conceive

and can't you might be surprised because

the fix could be

super simple and easy it would shock you

and then other times it might take a

little longer

bottom line please seek out help if

you're able to

and just know that i'm sending all my

love to you another symptom of hormonal

imbalances are hot flashes and

night sweats now this one i'm kind of

like wait is this me because i run

hot honey like i am always i need a fan

on me at all times

i'm kind of dying right now because i

had to turn off the ac

and close the window so i'm set let's

just say that

usually this is a sign that your

estrogen or testosterone is a little

low so just know that if you suffer from


being hot all of the time and you wake

up in the middle of the night or in the


really sweaty from just sleeping then

you want to get that checked out

the next symptom is hormonal acne

now hormonal acne occurs on your jawline

on your chin and under your chin so if

you're someone who constantly

has breakouts there it's an underlining

hormonal imbalance

it doesn't matter how many acne

treatments you go through

it's an underlying case it's not going

to be cured by just you know

cleaning and washing your face and using

the right products

it's deeper than that the next symptom

is excess

hair growth now this affects my pcos


can i get a can i get a testimony so

what i mean by this is those

thick ass tree trunk hairs that grow on

your chin

and right under your jawline that you

literally have to yank with a tweezer

and it just takes so long to actually

snag it and get it but the feeling

of exhilaration when you get that hair


so yeah if you're like me i get a lot of

chin hairs i get a lot of hairs

uh down here i'm not even afraid to

admit it it just happens you can catch


every night in my bathroom here just

straight up

so if you're like me and you're getting

hair where you really shouldn't be

it might be a sign that there's

something else going on the next symptom

is persistent weight gain this also

applies to my pcos ladies

or someone who has a low thyroid

function or hashimoto's

this is the girl who literally kills

herself in the gym

she's eating really healthy and clean

she's counting her calories she's doing

all of the right things to lose weight

and she just

can't do it there might be something

going on and

i want to make it abundantly clear that

there's lots of people out there

who say oh i'm trying to lose weight and

i just can't

i probably have a hormonal imbalance


i would say eight times out of ten it's

just because you're eating excess


but there is that percentage of women

who really do have an underlying

hormone condition whether it's pcos or

hashimoto's some sort of thyroid thing

something like that bottom line get it

checked out

get some blood work done figure out

what's going on

talk to a specialist reach out to them

and also

there's options for you start working

with someone who

specializes who's a dietitian or a

nutritionist who specializes in

hormonal health and hormonal weight loss

for women the next symptom

is mood swings now us ladies

know all about some mood swings

especially when it's that time of the


and we are pmsing and anything anyone

does to us we want to rip their head off

um now this i know seems like a normal

thing a lot of normal symptoms like this

are very

common that doesn't mean that they're


and quote unquote normal and they should

be happening

and obviously we all have these from

time to time but i'm just talking about

the more persistent things like they

happen all the time

multiple times a day another symptom of

hormonal imbalance is

low libido

this could be due to low levels of

estrogen or testosterone

and bottom line it's just not normal and

i'm saying normal in quotation marks

it's not normal for a person

to not have a sex drive like you're just

dry as a bone nothing is turning you on

you want

nothing to do with your significant

other and everything's great you love

them you're just never in the mood to

get down and dirty you know what i'm


and obviously not every single person

who has a low libido has a hormonal

imbalance it takes a little

self-awareness if you're someone who

identifies as asexual or you're just

you've fallen out of love with your

partner and you want to break up or

there's just

extenuating circumstances to this low


then take a look at that first but if

you are in a situation where you're like

i should be having a higher sex drive

than i

am currently get it checked out another

symptom is insomnia

or just trouble sleeping in general

getting to sleep this could be

due to a lot of different reasons one of

them being cortisol

a lot of people who do intermittent

fasting that can throw off your hormones

depending on like how extreme you do it

i remember when i used to do

intermittent fasting i would do like the

16 hours of fasting eight hours of

eating and honestly when i did that for

like a week plus it affected my

sleeping that's a sign that intermittent

fasting you're just doing it too extreme

you want to scale back a little bit and

then if you want to keep doing it

work up to the longer stretches of

fasting and it's totally normal for

people to go through periods of time

where you're not sleeping well but i'm

talking about things that are

consistent in your life that you really

can't get a hold of

like you do all the right things you

drink tea before bed you stretch you

read a book you do all the things you

put on your blue light blocking glasses

and you just can't get to sleep there

might be something deeper

the next symptom is hair loss now this

could actually be due to a low

vitamin d level this is

widespread there are so many people who

are deficient in vitamin d especially

women and no you cannot get

vitamin d just from the sun actually a

lot of people who live in sunny climates

are also vitamin d deficient over 40

percent of the population

is vitamin d deficient i live in

southern california and while i was

living here

in san diego i went to the doctor got my

levels checked and i was like

so low on vitamin d so it just goes to

show you even if you live in a sunny


you still might be deficient in it so

always take a vitamin d supplement i


recommend anyone take one no matter what

just it's just a precaution

and a lot of people don't uh know that

vitamin d is actually

a hormone it's not a vitamin so

if you're lacking in vitamin d it could

throw off a lot of other hormones going

on in your body as well

so if you're losing a lot of hair in the

shower like say you go

a day or so without washing your hair

and then you go into the shower and all

of this hair is coming out

that could be a symptom of low vitamin d


another symptom of hormonal imbalance is

pelvic pain

which occurs during your period or


this usually affects women when they

have endometriosis

or fibroids or something like that if

it's very

painful for you to have intercourse or

have something

stuck up the veg then there's something

going on

obviously if you're a virgin you've

never had sex before and you have sex

with the first time and it's a little


i mean that's kind of normal it's kind

of like oh okay that's ah hurts a little

bit but like you can work through it

but i'm talking about very very painful

stuff here

like every time you have sex it's like

you gotta brace yourself

that is not normal and also if you have

painful periods to the point where you

have to call into work cancel work your

day is just shot you're on the couch all

day with a heating pad

popping the [ __ ] tylenol and middle

like it's your job

that is also not normal again i want to

emphasize all these

things that we have deemed normal of pms

and just

having your period is actually not

normal and it's not healthy

paired along with that another symptom

is having very

heavy periods i'm talking like mean girl


i have a heavy flow and a wide set

vagina you bleed

so much for so long it's normal to have

a heavy first or second day of your

period but if it's just like a

constant thing where you just bleed so

much and you're constantly having to

change your tampon

or your menstrual cup and it's just kind

of like a prolonged thing

that is also not normal and something

worth looking into

and then the last symptom i will mention

is chronic fatigue

you are constantly tired constantly

dozing off in the middle of the day no

matter how much coffee you drink

how much sleep you get the night before

you're just always tired this could be

an adrenal thing you might have adrenal


there might be something going on with

your androgen levels which are your male

sex hormones

which women we also have male sex

hormones as well

this could be worth looking into if

you're doing all the right things like

getting a really good night's sleep and

stuff like that and you

just continually are always tired

obviously there are more symptoms of

hormonal imbalance but i didn't want

this video to be

25 30 minutes long so those are the main


just know that this stuff is fixable you

are not

broken you will be okay and if

you suffer from multiple of these


seek out help i will leave resources

down below i highly recommend checking


doctors who specialize in this arena a

naturopathic doctor

an integrative medicine doctor because

those type of doctors really focus on

the root cause

of these hormonal imbalances and they

focus on fixing and healing that

so that your symptoms you're not putting

just a band-aid on it the solution to

hormonal imbalance is to not get on

birth control

do not let any doctor tell you that

because a lot of traditional mds

will say hey it's okay you have all

these issues let's just put you on birth

control it'll solve them

that is not always the answer so like i

said i'll leave some resources for you

down in the description box below so you

can check those out if

you want to dig deeper into this and if

you like the video

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don't forget to take care of yourself

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the soul

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