How to Find Hidden Spy Cameras and Audio Bugs (The Professional Way)

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wondering if you're being spied upon the

simple strategies that we're going to

show you will effectively clear most

rooms for hidden cameras and bugs

without having to use super expensive

counter surveillance gear for an outside

company and the best part about this

guide anyone can do it this video will

reveal the exact step-by-step process

that we use to sweep for covert spy gear

and cameras so let's get started be

cautious if this is your first time

staying in a new hotel or an air B&B

automatically assume that you're being

recorded and surveilled but relax no

need to panic

odds are in your favor that you're not

being monitored but you still want to

sweep your location to be 100% sure

think of it like riding in the vehicle

and putting your seat belt on

chances are you won't need it but you'll

be glad you put it on if you do so it is

always best to just assume you're being

recorded until you're a hundred percent

certain the room is clear of all

surveillance equipment split the room

into quadrants start off by standing in

the center of the room next split the

room into quadrants once you have

identified your quadrants go through

each area one at a time and clear up

splitting the room into sections will

help you to systematically and

meticulously go through the room and

clear each section without skipping over

any of the fine details make basic

observations perform a general scan and

pay attention to anything that looks out

of place or appear suspicious are there

duplicate items in the room such as

clocks smoke detectors or coffee pots

are there any unusual holes in the walls

or ceiling or any of the items in the

room positioned in an unusual way

check all the appliances like

televisions clocks phones hair dryers

and coffee pots for exposed wiring

suspicious lights or anything that looks

abnormal check all outlets all

surveillance devices require a power

source whether that source is powered by

an electrical outlet or a wireless

battery may depend on how long you're

expected to occupy the room devices that

run on batteries have a limited lifespan

those that run on electrical power can

be used for long-term surveillance

conduct a sweep with the outlets and

identify everything plugged into them

pay close attention to anything plugged

in that may seem out of place check the

mirrors it's always recommended to

inspect every mirror in your room to

sure it's not a two-way mirror the best

way to check for a two-way mirror is by

using your fingertip on most mirrors if

you place your fingertip on the mirror

the reflection of it will not touch

instead it would leave a quarter inch

gap or so if you put your fingertip on

the mirror and the reflection is

touching your finger you should inspect

it further it's important to note that

some establishments like bars or gas

stations may use a metal back with a

mirror tint instead of using a real

mirror which will give the appearance of

it being a two-way mirror this is meant

to prevent the mirror from shattering

and becoming the liability for the

business another technique is to shut

off the lights and shine a flashlight

through the mirror to see if there's

anything behind it keep these tips in

mind the next time you're out and want

to ensure your privacy if you'd like to

learn more visit our blog section on

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step-by-step list on how to find hidden

cameras the professional way also be

sure to check out our video finding

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