Signs you might have mild hearing loss

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because hearing loss usually occurs

gradually over many years you may have

got used to less than perfect hearing

without even knowing it but if you think

about it and talk to those who know you

best there may be some telltale signs of

a hearing loss

sometimes you may feel like people

around your mumbling a classic example

as children's voices because they tend

to be high-pitched and often talk

quickly if you're having to ask people

to repeat themselves this may be the

first sign of a hearing loss many people

with a mild hearing loss will have

difficulty distinguishing voices on

certain TV shows and movies with

background noise it's not uncommon for

the same people to have no trouble

hearing newsreaders because they speak

clearly and you can see their face noisy

or crowded areas such as shopping

centers cafes or even just small group

situations can make following

conversation particularly difficult for

those with a hearing loss finally if you

have trouble hearing people when they're

not facing you speaking to you from a

distance or from another room this can

also be a sign of a hearing loss

you may feel like you can hear but not

always understand this is because

hearing loss usually begins with a loss

of clarity rather than volume if this is

something you've experienced you may

actually benefit from having a hearing

aid using a hearing aid at this point

will ensure that your nerves remain

stimulated and your ears stay active ask

your audiologist about how you can

arrange to trial a hearing aid

if you find that a hearing aid isn't the

right option for you or you're not quite

ready to commit to wearing one we have a

number of other devices that may help TV

listening devices can be helpful in

ensuring you can hear what you need to

at a volume that's comfortable for

everyone around you a personal listening

device is one option you can try before

committing to a hearing aid these

devices are not as personalized as a

hearing aid but they will help amplify

sound it's important to schedule a

regular annual checkup so we can stay on

top of things together and monitor any

changes we hope this information has

been helpful but if you still have

questions please drop in to your local

centre or give us a call we're always

happy to help