How To Know If You're Going Bald | Male Pattern Baldness

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hi guys how are you I'm Robin welcome

back to my youtube channel and welcome

to this new video and this is something

that I quite often think about and I

know that so many of you guys do too

this one is how to know if you're going

bold so guys this videos actually been

adapted from an article that I've got my

blog and I was looking at other day I

was reading it and I thought this is

actually really interesting so I thought

I'm gonna take it from the blog and put

on to the YouTube channel and I should

say I'm no expert I'm no doctor but the

guy that actually wrote it and he's done

a few things for me around hair loss

there's a few different articles I'm

going to pop them up there he is an

expert he's gone through various

different treatments himself and he's

done about 15 years worth of work on