Receding Hairlines and Baldness : How to Detect Balding

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I'm dr. partial mohebi with u.s. hair

restoration I will be discussing how to

detect baldness a few men with early

stages of hair loss the first the very

first symptoms might be receding

hairline or thinning throughout the top

of the scalp or the front or crown most

people might feel that the texture of

hair gets a little finer so the best

thing is to go find it good hair

transplant surgeon and be evaluated to a

microscopic evaluation we call it

miniaturization study we use a

microscope to look at different areas of

the scalp so basically we look at the

back of this scalp and look at the donor

hair which is more better quality more

permanent hair and then look at the

recipient area or the area that is

balding and look at the percentage of

thinning or miniaturization if anyone

has more than 20% of fine hair or

miniaturised here at any area that means

he or she has a active hair loss so in

order to do that I use the microscope on

the donor area and evaluate the

thickness of hair the same thing with

the front corners top

and crown areas and that will give me a

good understanding of the

miniaturization level of somebody's hair

that way if my patient needs treatment

with medication I know when to start or

whether or not on the start or if he or

she needs a hair transplant surgery I

know which areas needs to be restored

rather than just limiting my hair

restoration area to the obvious balding

area I go in between the areas that I

predict patient is going to lose in the

future I'm doctor parts mohebi

with US hair restoration and that was

how to detect baldness