How to Find a Gas Leak in Your Home with a Gas Leak Detector

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hey what's up you guys it's Scott with

everyday home repairs and today I want

to take you through a few different

methods for tracking down a natural gas

leak inside your home the two different

methods that we'll go over is one a

tried-and-true method which is a mixture

of water and soap so you're just looking

for bubbles which would be created from

the gas leak and then to one that I

hadn't tried before and I got off Amazon

a pretty cheap gas leak detector made by

home flex I was kind of questionable

whether or not this would work very well

but I had a use case that over at one of

my rental properties so I took both of

these methods over there and see if I

could track down what I suspected to be

a gas leak because we could kind of

smell that rotten egg smell inside the

utility room so let's jump over there