How to check your cat for fleas

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hi there I'm dr. Paul Mack from the

northern verbal group today I'm going to

show you how to check your cap for flex

something that is often neglected a

little cats especially indoor cats but

even indoor cats can get fleas

especially if they've got access to

other animals mating next door or other

neighbors and things as well now I've

brought our trusty psychic long Roy some

of you might have met in from another

previous videos now Roy doesn't have

Pleasant moments and things we

definitely treated every month for flex

just to make sure but some useful things

to know about please is they tend to

live in the warmer places on the cat so

darker areas places where it's nice and

warm often places that you won't always

more when you're looking for fleets also

non-toxic Center please actually live in

the environment so let me jump onto the

element to have a feed then I'll jump

back off again so they usually find them

in your bedding in your carpets that

type of thing so just because you don't

want a flea on your animal doesn't mean

that they don't have fleas

now when checking in capital please the

most common places usually find them

down around the base of the tail around

here often around the back part of the

legs around here and in particular the

backs of the years and sometimes under

the chin as well okay so when you're

checking these places what you want to

do is try to part the hair so you can

get all the way down to the skin level

you want to be able to see the pink skin

there if you can see the skin that

you're just looking through the hair and

the fleas will actually right down at

the base of their heads and run around

through the body they're all so scared

of whites as soon as you see if we are

we running away from the white to try

and get to another dark place so in

particular as I said place it to check

what might work for these ears as I said

getting all the way down to the skin

them making sure you can't see any fleas

same on the other side looking under his

chin and around this neck region that's

a very particular place where you'll

often see them running away from third

place as I said down around the base of

the tail now sometimes you might need

somebody else to help hold your cat once

you do this again what you want to do

is part the head so you can see the skin

and move your way along along the back

of the cap puffing the hair on each side

all the way long up Lamia back okay now

the other place where it's quite common

to find them is underneath on the belly

now cats again probably won't like you

to hold me over to have a look at their

deli and see how he goes today

boy yes

grumpy so having a look going to leave

him again nice and warm and dark under

there so you very likely to possibly

find fleas they do have please what you

can do if you've got only like two hands

and as most people do you can blow on

their hand to try and part the hand that

way you can have a look without having

to have somebody else in your hand so

blowing it is hair day I can see down to

the skin level there's no sign of any

fleas somehow I said 90% of fleas live

in environments you won't always see

please if the animal pastor what you

sometimes do see though is the evidence

that fleas have been there what that

looks like is tiny little pieces of dirt

that's what we call flea dirt it's

actually the feces from the fleas which

is the dried up bits of blood so what

you'll often see through the animals

coat is small little black dots

everywhere now what you can do if you're

worried about this you can actually

using a comb you can brush that off a

little bit of paper put a few drops of

water on it and if that dirt dissolves

back into sort of the really common

blood then you know that it's flea dirt

rather than under okay I hope that's

been helpful thank you very much