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what's going on guys my name is Roscoe

thank you again for tuning into my

channel so I want to help you guys out

Yeezys right now is pop in its Yeezy

season more 350s or come in but guess


more fakes are coming so I want to help

you how to identify fake 350s and then

if you get if this video does well will

do you know fake 500s fake seven

hundreds but I just want to basically

give you some knowledge and how I'm able

to spot fake

Easy's now I'm not talking about these

ones right here you know I'm not talking

about these ones that you get off the

what is it though what the wish app for

like 50 bucks I'm talking about

unauthorised pairs of sneakers now that

just means they're public the top

they're the top of the line fake

sneakers straight from China exactly the

same place where these shoes are made

they have the same sort of materials but

they just cut corners on some of the

details will say of the sneaker so that

I'm going to show you like though like

probably there's about three or four you

know at least three or four that like

the fakes can't get right that the legit

pair always does now I have three pairs

of sneakers 350s Radia three of them

three through fifties say that amazed

many times I have three of them here

one of them's fake I want you guys to

pick now I know some of you subscribers

aren't they're probably already know

which one's fake because I already unbox

it in a prior video but I want for

someone new who's just clicked on to my

channel welcome shoutout to you but

which one's fake so I'm gonna show you

real quick all three and we're gonna

pick which one's fake just just say

guess I just want you guys to guess so

this is you at home just take watching

this video just take a guess which one's

fake now this is the blue tents okay so

blue tents now I want to make this video

basically on you know say like you don't

have the shoes in hand and you're just

going off some guy on the internet he's

sending you pics like how can you

decipher that how can you decipher you

know if they're fake through just

through pictures so I'm gonna help you

through that too as well

so this is the blue tents let me just go

in the middle don't do that

these are the Ebers Ebers idea

nice bottoms I love these the shoes

awesome I love this show I absolutely

love the colorway on this one I need to

get I double up on this so this is the

biggie bruh

okay and then this is the Beluga 2.0

which is probably one of the best

underrated 350s to drop recently because

they own this stripe everyone loves that

stripe but they kind of got rid of it

but I absolutely love this pair goes

with everything I loved it

now let's go pick pick right now which

one blues are the fakes so this if you

got right the ebro's this is fake now

I'm gonna move one out of the way let's

move the belugas out so I can just show

you because you might not have a regular

350 at home or when you're buying one so

you might be just have to go off of what

the person gives you so this one is fake

now there's obviously I can point off

like two huge flaws in it right off the

bat but there's some that kind of a

minor that you can you have to take a

look at I'm not gonna include the boxes

the boxes is a whole nother story it's

usually stickers and moving you know

ones made in China another making in

India so I gotta catch up to on the

boxes I'm not a hundred percent sure on

the boxes so we're just focusing on the

sneakers in this video now this one

right here now these are fake now you're

probably wondering why they're fake the

major flaw right here on this shoe right

off the bat is the lacing system the

lacing system is off on this show so

that could be a key right there that you

know that you know if you're looking at

pictures look for the lacing system so

obviously what I mean by lacing system

if this is gonna focus is that usually

the front right here is the bull I call

it the bulb stitch or the bull lacing

system the called why this is on the

front one this one's so wide

right here and then look at the legit

hair if I can show you the legit Pia

look how close that one is this is

really close right here so this is just

a little closer loop and this one's like

stretching I don't know that it's not

coming so well this might be let me know

guys let me know if you have a hard time

seeing trying to move the laces but lik

this goes the this first loop goes over

these two stitches these two looping

systems ready at down below so that one

right there huge flaw red flag right off

the bat fake Fugazi not good now another

way to tell another way to spot fakes is

that these always seem they don't get

this right I don't know why and these

are straight from China these are

straight from China a guy like some guy

basically DM me message me and he said I

saw your YouTube channel can you please

promote my sneakers and then I was like

dude they're fake but I was like I'll

take them so especially for me too since

I love Yeezys I always need to keep up

to date on fake so no on the back end is

off so another way to the spot is look

how skinny this is right here now this

is the heel the heel tab it's a 3m

reflective I don't know if this is gonna

focus maybe I'm going to close so this

is huge this is kind of wicked skinny

I've real pair the real pair is fat look

a little bit you didn't just know it's

gonna be little like little details guys

little details look up skinny that one

eyes look all nice and fat this one is

this is the real pair this is fake so

right there so that's one way to tell

easy right off the bat boom flight no

good get it out of my face

I don't want those now another way I

always check to is it thing again they

never get this right is this upper the

upper right here right here they never

get it right now these are all the same

size I should have mentioned it three

four these are all twelve all size 12

but right here they can't get our right

man they always look how big look all

this loop right here look how high an

arc that is

that's not how about 350 should they at

all what it should be is we call like

unpronounce that is let me see if I can

try to lease it look right there

unpronounce look all hi look how high

art that is not good

Fugazi she's loose loosey-goosey arabia

loose so how loose that is that's not

good it should be nice to fit tight and

look all nice tight this is right up

here again - a lot of people like to

feel it like this like look like look at

this one like I'll go like folded this

is shouldn't do that it shouldn't be

this it should be more structured the

knit should be more more structure to it

because your foot goes in it moves

around so it should be more structured

well this one it's kind of holds its see

how it bounces back bone bounces back

this one it just holds it a pancake and

stays there so right there boom fake get

it on my face I don't want it now

another one way to tell - a lot of you

like to see the boost like the boost

like you can just press the boost the

boost but I'm pressing the boost in do

you honest with you like I can't tell

the difference I can't tell the

difference by just feeling it that's how

good this one is wow that's pretty good

that's legit for these that's crazy yeah

so I'm squeezing it they I can't tell

different from squeezing it I see people

like people system like easy mafia you

squeezes it nope can't tell I can't

personally tell from that way now

another way to tell - is if you take out

the the insoles usually sometimes on

fakes ones aren't fake sneakers this one

doesn't again this one's legit they

sometimes they have holes in the boost

again if you see holes in the boost

again legit pair there's no holes no

excuse me there's no holes in the boost

at all look good these are good no holes

in this boost so these could be good

right could be good wrong now look at

the insole the insole right here people

like to look at them like what are you

looking for in the insole does the

adidas symbol line up does the adidas


they're actually pretty identical

they're actually identical so this

wouldn't be a good way to look however

if you flip them over there's an adidas

symbol on the back the trifle I think

that's the name of the name of it

this isn't gonna come in it's too light

but on the fake pair the adidas is way

bigger it's way bigger eight now I'm

gonna mean my way big I mean like a

little bit bigger but it's just a little

bit bigger there's no way let me say go

on let me get this for you guys real

quick see right there it's just a little

bit bigger it's just a little see a

little bit right there see fake real so

right there

now again the guy in the internet might

not send you this so you might you might

be out of luck this is probably a good

way too good way to feel them and check

them out if the guy is right next to me

has a pair like a sneaker kong fruss

tigre kong sneaker khan for instance

another way to tell too is the other way

to tell is the back the back way is a

great way to actually this is probably

more popular ways to tell is just

looking at the back of the heel now the

back of the heel of a 350 she's got a


right here she comes down and she's got

a donk already on the back fake one she

got no but it goes straight straight up

look at that cheer little bot can't wait

girl bot but she got it she got a little


I'm going over I roll watch me be an

idiot for saying this but yeah look see

that that's clear right there look how

big that is right yeah so that's a

perfect way right there I think the best

probably the best way

my two best ways is right here the back

and in the front those are the arch is

the probably the two most popular ways

to spot fake Easy's because they just

can't get it right they can't get it

right the factories can't get it right

now I'm gonna fill this out here and I

probably shouldn't if you guys have any

questions regarding anything fake and

you guys want me to take a look at it


that's my ig see that send me pics if

you're not sure I'll give you my

feedback in my opinion okay but you got

to admin you gotta add me that's my IG

you got to add me and then I'll take a

look at the pics but here's the here it

is right yeah again I'll say it one more

time because I people have already been

sending me pics if they asking you that

legit and then I give my opinion on it

don't try to argue with me and fight me

fight me back saying oh no I think

they're real Oh what do you mean they're

not they're fake

ba ba ba ba I'll give you my opinion and

then you go from there okay

that's that's the deal with this see

that that's the deal

alright so guys if you have any

questions or any of that you can hit me

on IG or leave it down in the comments I

hope this was helpful if you if not let

me know man I tried so guys that's my

video for today if you guys enjoyed it

smash that like button and subscribe to

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next video peace