How to spot FAKE GOLD

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what is going on everybody in today's

video we're talking about spotting fake

gold jewelry men and women's now this

isn't actually testing gold jewelry if

you're buying it or just want to make

sure it's legitimate this is just

looking at a gold piece and see if you

can tell the difference if it's fake or

real so I'm going to give you a few

steps that I've learned over the years

on how to determine just by looking

looking at someone at the mall or just

looking at a customer's piece you know

that they bought somewhere else if it's

real or fake so I'm going to share those

with you I also made a buying a gold

chain where I actually did acid tests on

a few chains to show you how to test if

you wanted to see if your jewelry is

legitimate from home and then I did a

rope chain where I I put on a few

different rope chains lengths if you

want to check out those as well so I'll

link both of those below check them out

and then also my social media website

and everything will be below as well so

let's get started step one size is

everything in jewelry big diamonds big

chains big pendants big bracelets big

rings everybody wants big bigger the

better problem is it costs a lot let's

take example my 22 inch 14 karat gold

flat link curb chain I wear this every

day for example this chain weighs 26

grams on a retail price that would cost

you around $1,100 just for this chain so

when you look at somebody if you're

trying to determine if your friend or

someone is wearing a fake chain look at

the size of the chain if it's too long

if this was 30 inches it would double

almost in price would be almost $2,000

so let's keep that in mind if you have

friend that's wearing a big gold

bracelet let's determine the cost of

that something like that is going to

cost around five to ten thousand dollars

just in gold so always just look at the

piece and see okay does do are they

willing to spend that type of money on a

piece like that that's the number one

way to determine if your if someone has

real or fake gold is just by the size of

the piece the smaller more realistically

it's real before I get too far

into the gold discussion let me show you

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quick so step two wait is everything

when it comes to gold jewelry literally

that's how you buy gold is by the way

you pay per gram if you're buying a gold

chain you're buying by the weight so one

of the best ways to determine is just

simply by feeling a gold chain and

feeling the weight if you have an

opportunity to pick up a bracelet or

anything goal that you're trying to

determine if it's real or fake it's just

by holding it and seeing if it feels

like it should be the right appropriate

weight for gold now I bought a

a gold chain on eBay and then I have the

real 14 karat gold chain here I really

don't know what this metal is made of I

don't have any fake gold I just bought

it for this video just to show you guys

the difference in the weight so I'm

going to weigh both these chains out and

you're going to see the difference

between the weight if the scale on let's

weigh out the fake gold rope chain these

are both three millimeter and width so

we have thirteen point three grams now

we've got the 14 karat gold 21 and a

half so you could see the real one

weighs more and when I put in my hand

she's a lot more dense it has that feel

to it right away I'm going to use all

three steps I'm talking about in this

video to determine if I've never seen

this chain four that is real this one

right away I can look at it and I just

know I mean look it doesn't even then

it's just it's all kinked it's not look

at that it's not a high quality chain

right there you should know step three

the third and final step is the most

important step when spotting fake gold

this has taken me years I'm just looking

at gold chains to master and I'm going

to show you guys what I'm talking about

and what I'm talking about is looking at

the gold a lot of times the fake gold

has this brown color to it it's just an

off color brown depending on the

finishing on the gold it could vary

sometimes it'd be way too light and then

most of the times it's it's like has a

brown coat over the gold and that's my

number one way of determining the gold

if you're got 14 karat which mostly I

use as a light soft yellow to it as you

go up to the pure 24 karat as a rich

yellow you just can't miss that yellow

stands out but the fake gold has a brown

tinge I'm going to show you guys what

I'm talking about the reason why I

bought that rogue chain because I knew

it have that color to it so I'm gonna

see if it'll go if you could see it over

the camera so stay tuned for that so you

might look at this

rope chain say hey that's a nice-looking

gold rope chain it's not this is the

fake gold chain let me show you what

happens when I put the real 14 karat

gold chain next to it boom alright so

this has the nice the natural soft

yellow look to it

what happened to this one is now the

brown really stands out when I put these

two next to each other natural gold look

because it is gold and this one these

fake gold chains most of them a lot of

them have that brown darker look to it

so that's the that's the most important

thing I look for when spotting fake gold

jewelry is that darker color to it that

brown color to it sometimes it could

look almost pink this chain now looks

like almost like a rose gold rope chain

I'm not sure how well you guys can see

that but in person to the eyeball it

looks it's night and day difference you

could totally tell the difference just

look at it this one is a piece of dirt

this one is nice 14 karat gold that's it

for today's video now go practice your

gold spotting abilities like this video

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