HOW TO OBSERVE like Sherlock Holmes - 5 Hyper Observant Techniques

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hey guys it's practical psychology here

but today's video will be given by one

of my friends sharing Ford homes I'll be

adding in some commentary but I hope you

guys enjoy it also this is basically the

first ever collaboration I've ever done

so please leave some feedback in the

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anyways let's get started with some tips

on how to become more observant number

one pay more attention to others than


this is super important in observation

because you're trying to observe the

world and not yourself so many people

spend the days wondering what others

think of them if they will mess up in a

conversation or how they look if you're

actually trying to increase your

observational skills spend your energy

and focus on others not jes yourself

alright guys I know this one might be

difficult but as a great observer you

have to get great at noticing the world

around you and not the world within you

instead of making a big deal out of the

stain on your shirt focus on how that

man over there is crossing his arms

instead of worrying what people think

when you stutter pay more attention to

how that woman in your group blinks

every time you say the word affair

number two notice changes so you should

be observing for a period of time to set

a baseline this means you need to find

out what is normal and then you can

compare future events back to the normal

event to see what changes so tip number

two is to notice changes when you start

observing you can easily notice things

out of place so you should get a

reference point first set a baseline for


how many times did that woman blink

before you started talking about foreign

affairs what was that guy doing before

he crossed his arms was this the first

time you cross him tonight what has he

been doing it all night changes what is

important not just how someone happens

remember in the video with psychological

tips how a great indicator of attraction

it is if a lady is touching her lips

when she's new some women do this all

the time even when they're not around

you and this is why it's important to

pay attention to change number three put

away distractions

to become a better observer you must put

away distractions

how can you notice subtle changes in

body language or the size of someone's

pupils that your phone has all your

attention there's all kinds of

distractions in this noisy world but if

we can laser focus on something we are

observing you'll increase your chances

of understanding the situation better

you have to be really careful with where

your attention is going as an observer

it is your duty to make sure you're

investing your attention wisely laser

focus cognitive thinking requires

dedication to the subject you can't

simply focus on two subjects and give

100% on both so try to pick just one

subject of time watch rainy after you

get better and put in plenty of hours of

just greet observation reading body

language will become second nature and

it will be easy to focus on the whole

room at once getting a feel for that

creepy guy in the corner with a hidden

gun will literally give you this gut

instinct that his tense also putting

away distractions gives you an empty

mentality what I mean by this is that

your mind will be looking for something

to do it would eventually get bored the

brains natural state is to wander you

can give it a purpose and start looking

for changes start looking for things out

of the ordinary I actually like to make

a game of it just like when you start to

ride a motorcycle you must consciously

think about the steps shift they go

throttle pulling clutch shift let out

clutch give more throttle it will

eventually become an unconscious process

the same thing happens with observing

others you will develop a gut instinct

about others this is your brain doing

this performing unconscious observations

and judging automatically number four

what's your move in another language

without subtitles there are a ton of

them on Netflix just take the time and

turn on one of those foreign films but

don't watch it for the storyline instead

a super close attention to the body

language of the characters see if you

can notice anything interesting in the


make it a game to come up with your own

storyline while noticing body language

tone of voice and backgrounds of the

characters after a few movies you'll

become pro and your observational skills

will be much better number five learn to

link observations once you are able to

make observations with little effort you

can go one step further and learn how to

link these observations together to form

a bigger picture you can do this by

reasoning backwards try and find a

conclusion and think of what you could

observe to know it here's an example if

you notice that somebody has a stain on

the shirt that looks like they were

eating ice cream and it's around one

o'clock right after most people get done

eating lunch you can come to the

conclusion that maybe they had some ice

cream for lunch once you learn to think

in this mindset you can observe without

the knowledge of the conclusion and then

that would become a deduction so please

if you wish to know more on this topic

my youtube channel and one called the

art of deduction focuses on this thank

you alright guys I was sharing for at

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