How to Do a Self Thyroid Exam

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roughly half of adults over the age 40

have thyroid nodules the thyroid gland

is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck

it sits between the collar bone and the

Adam's apple there are simple steps to

take on your own to do a thyroid

self-examination to get started what

you'll need is a mirror and a glass of

water first look in the mirror and tip

your head back second drink some water

swallow and watch your thyroid move up

and down men you want to look between

the collar bone and the Adam's apple you

want to look for any lumps or bumps when

you swallow women the Adam's apple is

and that's visible you want to look from

the collarbone up you will want to

repeat this test several times if you

see any lumps or bumps or protrusions on

the thyroid neck self-examination that

is something that needs to be checked

out it is very important you see your

doctor for evaluation and a thyroid

ultrasound may be necessary