How to identify Dry Socket after extraction? - Dr. Aarthi Shankar

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hi I'm dr. Artie I'm a general dentist

practicing at pearly whites dentistry of

such a road


usually dry socket is accompanied by

severe throbbing type of thing which

radiates from the site of extraction to

the side of the face

and to the earth typically after an

extraction normal cases the pain will

peak for about 24 hours

after the extraction and it wears off

but in the case of a dry socket the pain

usually starts about 3 to 4 days after

the extraction and gradually becomes a

severe overtime the extraction site in a

normal tooth extraction it will look

moist and reddish following an

extraction in cases of a dry socket it

will look very dry pale or slightly

reddish in color and on opening your

mode you will be able to see raw bone in

the socket another characteristic of a

dry socket is foul odor or putrid taste

in the mouth so whenever you have a

doubt that you have all the symptoms of

dry socket the best person to dry

arrived at our diagnosis will be your

clinician so you please consult your

dentist before coming to a conclusion