TYPE 1 DIABETES WARNING SIGNS // don't ignore these!

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hey guys it's michelle welcome back to

my channel

i'm here today with another type 1

diabetes video for you

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start this video i just want to say that

i am not

a medical professional so if you have

any questions or concerns about your


definitely reach out to your own health

care provider i wanted to make this

video because

now it is more important than ever to

recognize the warning signs of type 1


due to the pandemic a lot of people are

putting off going to see healthcare

providers in fear of coming into contact

with or even

catching covid19 even though there is a


associated with going out to seek

medical attention it's really

important that you don't ignore any

symptoms that you're having

if you think that there's something off

with your body or there's something


it isn't worth the risk putting off

going to see your doctor

especially when it comes to something as

serious as type 1 diabetes

undiagnosed type 1 diabetes is very


it can lead to a serious complication

known as

diabetic ketoacidosis also known as dka

which is where your blood essentially

turns acidic

and this can lead to swelling in your

brain and unfortunately

can lead to death so needless to say

it's really important to know these

warning signs of type 1 diabetes and

catch it early

early detection of type 1 diabetes can

also prevent unnecessary hospitalization

which will prevent you from contracting

kovid while in the hospital

so it's even more important now to know

the warning signs which is why i'm

making this video

before i start listing the warning signs

i have got to stress

that type 1 diabetes can happen anytime

and by that i mean it does not matter

how old you are

i personally know a lot of people type 1

diabetes who are diagnosed as an adult

in their 30s 40s 50s 60s there's a

misconception out there that type 1

diabetes is only diagnosed in children

and that's just simply not true

so these warning signs that i'm about to

go through in this video are for anyone

okay warning sign number one excessive

thirst i personally did not have this

warning sign but my friends who did have

it who are living with type 1 diabetes

now described it as unquenchable thirst


you're thirsty you drink a big glass of

water and you still feel thirsty after

no matter how much you drink you just

cannot quench your thirst

which leads me to warning sign number

two frequent urination

so i mean those two kind of go hand in

hand you're drinking a lot you're peeing

a lot

the kidneys are also working in overload

too when your blood sugar is high

some people even report bedwetting

before being diagnosed with type 1 just

because you have to pee so frequently


can't hold it in at night warning sign

number three is

unexplained weight loss and this i

actually did have before i was diagnosed

with type 1 diabetes but

it was subtle my family and i didn't

really notice it and

the fourth most common warning sign of

type 1 diabetes

would be exhaustion you don't have

enough insulin in your body you're not

using the food to create

energy so you're going to be exhausted

and tired all the time so if you're


who normally has a lot of energy and now

you find that you need naps to get

through the day

that could be a warning sign so those

are the four most common

early warning signs of type 1 diabetes

now i just want to tell you guys about

mine i'm not going to go through

my full diagnosis story because it's

rather long

but if you want to see the whole thing

i'm going to put it up here a link to

that video

so my first warning sign was oral thrush

which is a fungal infection in your

mouth and throat

cool right tmi maybe but that was my

first warning sign i got that

about maybe a couple months before i was

diagnosed and

it kind of makes sense because if your

blood sugar is running higher you're

more prone to an infection like that

and then the warning sign that made my

mom take me

into the doctor's office which i'm not

even sure if this was a warning sign but

i felt like i needed to pee

a lot um i had the urge to urinate but

then when i went to use the washroom

i didn't have to that's one warning sign

that i haven't heard other people

really have but that is the warning sign

that made me go into the doctor and

eventually get my type 1 diabetes


so i had some uncommon symptoms but i

just want to share them with you guys


those are some symptoms that you don't

see as much or you don't hear

about as much so now i want to hear from

you guys if you have been diagnosed with

type 1 diabetes what were your symptoms

leave them in the comments down below

because it'd be great for someone who's

concerned maybe to see what your

symptoms were

and hear from other people living with

type 1 diabetes other than myself

and that's it for this video if you are

watching this from home

and you seriously think you might have

type 1 diabetes

give your health care provider a phone

call it's just a quick phone call to see

whether or not you need to be tested and

the test is so simple it's just a finger


and it can save your life i am also

going to be leaving

a really great resource from beyond type

1 in the description

box down below about the warning signs

of type 1 diabetes beyond type 1 is an

amazing organization that has so many

great resources and information for you

guys so definitely check that out if

you're interested in learning more

and that's it from me for today thank

you guys so much for watching and i will

see you in the next video