What you don't see about depression | Jayne Hardy | TEDxBrum

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Transcriber: Menah Usman Reviewer: Tanya Cushman

I had a secret.

Not a fun secret with an expiry date

like waiting till week 12 of pregnancy to show exciting news

or planning a surprise party for a loved one.

My secret was painful and shameful.

It made me feel below par.

Less of a human being.

A prisoner in my own home.

A waste of a life.

My secret was so heavy that it broke me.

It took from me my job, my friends, a tooth.

And it took me from me.

My secret was that I had depression.

Depression is a cruel and debilitating illness.

It affects every single aspect of my life.

The negative thoughts are deafening.

I feel weak, ashamed and alone;

unworthy, hopeless and helpless.

I develop anxieties on top of my anxieties -

leaving the house, answering the telephone,