How to spot counterfeit money

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the 22news i-team is working for you

tonight with ways to make sure you're

not getting duped with counterfeit cash

last month we told you how Chicopee

police caught two suspects passing

counterfeit money and the Secret Service

says there's more out there 22news

i-team reporter Laura Hutchinson shows

us how you can tell real from fake so

you don't end up with it

look close and you might be able to see

the difference

side-by-side I see the coloring is a

little off coloring is a little bit

difference is a little thicker you feel

it but not everyone has the luxury of

comparing bills when you're handed cash

florence's jackie pereira found out the

hard way the manager came and said this

money is not real so for my surprise I

was like in shock she had about $100

confiscated when someone realized some

twenty dollar bills she had weren't real

in an unrelated case police confiscated

seven counterfeit hundred-dollar bills

someone tried to pass off as real in

Chicopee John Mazda with the Secret

Service says counterfeit money is in our

community and it's up to you to know how

to spot it look for the red and blue

fibers that are embedded into the paper

these red and blue fibers are randomly

dispersed throughout the paper they're

not printed on the paper they're

actually in the paper look for the micro

printing that is in some of the newer

notes he says there are small details

that are tough to duplicate things as

simple as the feeling of the paper some

fake bills are too thick sometimes even

sticky also check the color of the

numbers it may look green head on but

the number on a real hundred-dollar bill

looks black when you hold it at an angle

your currency has quite a few security

features that are very hard to duplicate

it's important you don't accept fake

money and turn it in when you discover

money to be counterfeit passing fake

bills comes with stiff penalties

including jail time I'm Laura Hutchinson

working for you with the 22news i-team