What Do Contractions Feel Like + What Happens During a Contraction

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- Hey, mama, are you a first-time mom

wondering what contractions feel like?

I know so many mamas who are a little bit anxious

about what those contractions are going to feel like.

And so, they find themselves asking this question

as they prepare their mind and their body

for what to expect during labor and birth.

I truly believe that the more you know about birth,

the more likely it will be for you

to walk confidently into it.

So I put out a questionnaire asking mamas

what their contractions felt like,

and now I'm sharing their answers with you

so you know exactly what to expect

during your birth experience.

I'm also sharing with you my favorite way

to envision contractions to help you understand

and manage them the best that you can.

I'm Bridget, and I'm a birth doula

in the San Francisco Bay area,

and I love helping moms love their birth.