How Do I Know if a Spot is Chickenpox? | This Morning

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we've got I mean a lot of people been

getting in touch about this I think we

can go to FaceTime now Joe are you there

hi there hi good morning Joe thanks for

joining us Joe your your daughter Imogen

she she's got chickenpox now and your

other daughter Elise had it two weeks

ago what's the issue that you wanted to

talk to sorry about well it starts up at

least just Elise tied up just with one

big spot on her back I've had chickenpox

or not he looks like but this was just

one huge big spot so we took it to the

nurse and the nurse said it wasn't


so Ashley went to school next day we

went to see the doctor there's another

little spots next back next to them and

we took you to the doctor

and he said he didn't think his

chickenpox so what went to school again