Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs and Cats: Vlog 81

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hey everyone welcome back to my youtube

channel i am dr. sue cancer vet and

today in this series of videos we are

going to be talking about the top signs

of cancer in dogs and cats and the

reason we think this is so important is

you know common questions that i get

things that people say to me after their

pets are sadly diagnosed with cancer is

why didn't we catch this earlier is why

was blood work so normal in my pet you

know many people thankfully and it's

still really really important guys to

bring your dogs and cats to your vet

regularly for routine checkups and lots

of these things that we're gonna be

talking about in these top ten signs are

things that I think can be picked up and

will be picked up by regular visits to

your veterinarian but many people are so