How to Spot Lung Cancer Early | Cancer Research UK

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lung cancer is the most common cancer in

the world but it's one of the most


many people believe lung cancer can't be

treated but it can and the earlier the

cancer is found the more successful the

treatment spotting cancer early is vital

Mike Edwards was diagnosed with lung

cancer in 2003 smoke since I was 14

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poner I went into toilet and and I

coughed him some in deep fear right so

look at yours reversed for some reasons

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but you know I didn't I'm a killer there

may be many signs of lung cancer but

typically they include a cough that

persists for two or three weeks or a

worsening or changing of a long-standing

cough also repeated chest infections

coughing up blood or an unexplained

persistent breathlessness tiredness lack

of energy or weight loss and possibly

even persistent chest or shoulder pain

you know if you've got any of those

symptoms you must get to your GP because

the earlier the condition is diagnosed

the better chance you stand of actually

curing the condition if you've got any

signs figure early enough you have a

good chance of surviving fear stops

people doing what they should do and

let's go and see your doctor if you need

help to give up smoking you can all

speak to your GP or to the nurse in the

surgery you could also contact the

pharmacist or the free NHS helpline

Mike story shows that lung cancer is

treatable but it's vital to spot the

disease early so the treatment has a

better chance of success if you have any

of these symptoms book an appointment to

see your doctor immediately and if your

symptoms persist keep going back