Hematuria: causes and evaluation of blood in your urine

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hi I'm Dan Reza check from Pacific

Northwest Neurology today we're gonna be

discussing hematuria hematuria is the

medical name for blood in the urine

we typically describe this as either

microscopic or gross hematuria gross is

the word that pathologists use to

describe something macroscopic or

something that's easily visible without

a microscope this is typically blood

that you see yourself in the urine this

is blood that you see yourself in your

urine microscopic hematuria would be

blood that you can't see in your urine

but your physician had sent your urine

to look at on their microscope and red

blood cells were seen what are the

causes of gross hematuria

well first it's under important to

understand the urinary tract and what

goes into making your urine okay so what