Bed Bug Prevention

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nighty night don't let the bedbugs bite

whoops too late well before these

creepy-crawlies have you tearing your

full house in bed apart let's take a

step back and see what these bedbugs are

really all about

whoa bedbugs are tiny about the size of

a proceeds especially if they had a meal

so why they called bedbugs well they

live with us in bed and snuggle with us

all night long or their menu they feed

on our blood unlike mosquitoes however

they can't fly so they have to hit your

way into our bedroom other ways one is

by hanging on a clothing the other is on

luggage and then ultimately you end up

here in bed with you all night long how

do you know if you have bedbugs or not

if you wake up in the morning and you've

got some nasty bites there's a good

possibility and those bites frequently

come in three breakfast lunch dinner now

bed bugs don't care if your house is

clean or dirty all they want is a warm

human to sleep with and they can go

months and months without a meal and

where they hang out the most waiting for

that meal is box springs mattresses but

they're not limited to those places they

can live in furniture clothing bed

boards and even hang out in wallpaper

for months at a time and once they're

there they're really difficult to

eradicate the other major symptom of

having bedbugs is anxiety the anxiety

can be from having the bugs themselves

but also the itching that goes along

with it the itching can drive people

crazy so relax these bed bugs aren't

dangerous they don't carry any disease

we just need to control the scratching

and that's easily done with

over-the-counter cortisone cream and

over-the-counter antihistamines once in

a while these bites can become infected

so if you're not better than 24 to 48

hours please see a doctor there are a

few interventions that you can do to

minimize the likelihood of a bedbug

infestation first vacuum frequently

second when you're traveling especially

in hotels don't leave clothes on the

floor hang them up third wash bedding

and hot water over 120 degrees

Fahrenheit is good enough to kill the

bedbugs and their eggs finally

periodical you want to inspect your

mattresses and box springs especially

along the seams what if you suspect you

have bedbugs don't try and eradicate

them on your own insecticides or toxic

call the exterminator overall most

people will never get bedbugs so the

best advice sit down and talk to your

family about ways to avoid nature's

little hitchhikers