Seeing Part 1: Pattern Recognition

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this is Dan and this is the napkin

Academy today's lesson is going to be

about visual thinking process step

number two seeing otherwise known as

pattern recognition and the blank ways

we see the six the six ways that we see

that's how many we're going to find that

there are so the way I want to think

about this let's let's put ourselves in

a little allegorical situation and let's

imagine that we are a happy little deer

and we're standing by the side of the

road happily crunching on I don't know

whatever it is the deer eat and all of

the sudden along the road comes this

noisy flashing loud roaring tearing

thing coming right at us what do we do

we panic do we become the deer in the

headlights and we get mowed down the

issue is we can't solve a problem that

over whelmed x' our senses we can't