How to Know if You're Having a Heart Attack

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- We're here today to talk about chest pain

and what to look for when you're having a heart attack.

So it is very important to understand

the difference between the two.

When someone is having chest pain,

especially if that chest pain comes on

when they're exerting themselves,

this is a condition known as angina.

Angina is when the arteries of the heart

are narrowed down, but not completely closed off.

This is very different from a heart attack.

A heart attack is when the arteries of the heart

suddenly close off.

The sudden closure of the arteries of the heart,

a heart attack, causes a sensation of chest pain.

Now, this chest pain is often described

by patients as a band around the chest, a tightness.

Some have even said like an elephant sitting on their chest.

This is a pain, pressure sensation

that would go up the jaw, down the arm,

often times associated with nausea,

sometimes even vomiting, and a sweatiness.

Just covered in sweat, suddenly.

Now, these symptoms generally come on very quickly

and don't go away with rest.

Whereas, angina, or chest pain due to narrowed arteries,

often times will go away when you rest.

Because heart attack is so serious

and so deadly, in a situation like that,

it's critical that you call 9-1-1 immediately

if you're having these symptoms.

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