How to Tie the Hangman's Noose - ITS Knot of the Week HD

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hey guys welcome to the i TS 9 of the

week in HD where today we will be

talking about how to tie a couple of

different nooses so the most popular

news is the hangman's noose but I'll

also show a different version as well

and before I get into that let's talk

directly about the illegality of tying a

hangman's noose

pretty sure it's illegal to hang anybody

with any knot so therefore it's not just

about a hangman's noose so it's also

illegal to use one of these if it's in

the commission of a hate crime but

pretty sure anything you do in the

commission of a hate crime is a problem

so there you go again I attribute it to

the hate crime type thing to

lock-picking so it's legal to carry

lockpicks unless you're in possession of

them while you're committing a crime so

therefore it's kind of like a hangman's

noose if you're committing a hate crime

and you have one of these in your pocket

they're probably going to look and look

down upon that and and frown on you a

little bit so let's get into how to tie

a hangman's noose and some other nieces

okay so the first type of noose that I'd

like to tie is just a traditional kind

of overhand method so we'll start with a

loop and then come through with your

standing part and pull that through to

create just an overhand loop so again

that gets adjusted and if you pull on

that standing part you can see that it

cinches down into a loose noose so this

is not very secure in terms of a noose

and one of the benefits of a noose is

that it can withstand heavy shock

loading so what we're going to do is

make a Bight and then we're going to

make another bites you've got one here

and then one here so I kind of like to

think of this as like a top bite and a

bottom bite and then what you're going

to do is take your leftover slack here

and start wrapping so you're going to

wrap up towards the bottom Bight there

so I've got let's see that's uh so

that's seven

let's see three six seven almost eight

here if I were to take this through so

I'm going to try to basically tighten

this up so that I can get a little more

slack up towards the top here to finish

this up and then what you're going to do

is pass that working end through that

top loop or through that top Bight and

adjust the side that locks that down so

you can see as I'm pulling this side

it's tightening that loop and locking

that in you probably want a little more

of the tail there but this is just for

demonstration purposes and then this

adjusts up and down so you pull that in

to the size you needed and then adjust

down like that so other purposes of a

noose for other than for hanging which

you you would run into the illegality of

doing that with any knot again but you

can also use this for a fishing not so

if you can imagine you're the loop or

the eye of your hook for fishing hooked

into there you could tie this and then

it would cinch down on to that hook so

that's a great knot for fishing as well

you could also use it as a tie-down so

if you had a you know one side of a

vehicle you could put pass this through

a tied on point and then tie this so

that it's self tightening on that and

you would get a line that is on the self

tightening on itself so you tie that one

more time just so you can see this

version again we get a little more slack

this time too so let's start here again

two bites or rope you get a top bite in

the bottom bite start wrapping towards

the bottom so this is where your

adjustment is going to be and just

simply wrap up tightening along the way

you want those coils or wraps to be as

tight as possible but not too tight

because you won't be able to adjust it

so there's kind of a balance there

all right so with this one got a little

more of a tail there if we adjust this

here again figure out which side to pull

to tighten that down so we've got three

six nine we've got 11 there this time

again adjust it out and there is your

hangman's noose thanks for watching the

i TS 9 of the week be sure to check out

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