Why we Head Nod "Yes" & Head Shake "No"

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hey Michael see Anthony here speaker

trainer and author of the best-selling

book body language secrets how to read

minds by reading bodies welcome to

another body language minute body

language minutes for any salesperson any

lead or any manager any person who wants

to learn how to communicate more

effectively and know what that other

person's really thinking what are they

up to by the way they use their bodies I

call this the body language minute

because I'm going to get through the

core of this video in about one minute

sometimes it works out sometimes it

doesn't so let's continue with today's

body language minute interesting one

it's a bit of a history lesson but why

do we not our head yes and shake our

head no it all has meaning folks let's

go and start the clock you know wonder

why we do certain things historically

most things have an answer most things

with body language all have an answer as

well so why do we not our head yes and

shake our head no all comes from

somewhere so let's get into the nod yes

historically nodding yes comes from a

bow when somebody is approving or when

somebody's in agreement they used to bow

some culture still do we most people

have gotten lazy though and the bow has

turned simply into a head nod like this

if you're really hip you just give a

little one like that that's where the

nod comes from what about the head shake

no why do we do this this comes from our

infancy believe it or not when our

mother would give us the breast or the

bottle or the spoon when we didn't want

anymore what did we do we shook our head

from side to side to avoid the spoon or

to avoid more food so that's where the

head nod yes and the head shake no come

from understand hope you enjoyed it

that's my minute I'm Michael C Anthony

see you next time