To Nod Off - Learn English Phrasal Verbs

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You look sleepy. No, I'm not sleepy.

Are you sure? You look really tired

He's nodded off.

Huh, what happened? You nodded off.

I nodded off?

OK. I'm gonna get a coffee.

Dylan - yeah? - Do you want anything from the cafe? - no - OK, see you in a bit yeah

yeah bye

Rob. Rob! Thanks Dylan. Sorry, I must have nodded off again.

So there were some examples of the phrasal verb 'to nod off'. So, let's

talk about it. Well let's first talk about the meaning of the original

verb without the particle 'to nod'. To nod means to make your head go up and down

as a way of saying 'yes'. You knew that right Dylan? And 'to nod off' means to go

to sleep unintentionally. To go to sleep without planning to go to sleep, and we

can see why 'nod' is used in this phrasal verb, because if you nod off, sometimes

you go like this

Rob you know I wasn't asleep that time as though just an example. You see how you

nod your head a few times before you nod off?

yes this phrasal verb isintransitive, which means it does not have an object.

so there are a few

synonyms (words with the same meaning) which are also phrasal verbs we've got

'to doze off' and 'to drift off', and both of those also mean to go to sleep

unintentionally. Wait! Don't go yet as a homework I'd like you to write in the

comments below an example of when you nodded off. And, if you enjoyed this

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I'm going to go to bed