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do you want to know how to say yes in

fortnight because that's a lot of you

should know if you during a game on for

tonight for example squad stewards or

solos you can then go into a Lobby

whatever and press F and it'll shake up

your head so basically you're saying no

so if you really want to know how to do

it the first step you need to take is to

find a friend okay you need to find a


okay so once you found a friend like I

have dope doop his link will be in the

channel the link to his channel will be

in the description anyway yeah if so as

you know I've just found a friend now

the third step which is also very simple

is to get into a match of jewels okay a

match of jewels

let me just skip this okay

okay so what turn once you're in the

match what you want to do is you can you

know you don't have to action actually

no you can't you know so basically when

you when you go down you only need to

land as a guy there

knowing everybody oh my gosh what is

wrong with my game right now so all you

want to do is just land it okay you know

you can go over to your friend and then

what you want em to do is ask you some

questions how was your day

yes does that make sense no but still

and you just say yes to everything your


that's how to say yes say that's how to

say yes in fortnight

sadly there is no remote that I know of

that you can actually do


my for night games really but I don't

care because you guys just got click

baited half April foods losers