How to Tie a Tie (Mirrored / Slowly) - Full Windsor Knot

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This demonstration should take about five minutes

and be at a pace that you can follow along to.

Before we start you should note your tie has a skinny end and a fat end.

Your first decision is going to be which side of your body you place the ends.

It doesn't matter which side your tie goes on, it won't affect the tie tying process

I have posted a mirror image of this video if that suits you better.

Not only does your tie have two ends, it has two different sides:

the face side is smooth, and the seam side

is on the back

We're going to start with the seam side down so take your tie,

and with the seam side down, place it around your neck

flat against your body, again with the seam side down.

Here's where we adjust for length. You pull on the fat end so that the skinny end is

about at your rib cage. Now choosing length is a very difficult step, it's a very

important step, but in this part of the process we're just trying to tie

the tie properly, so we're going to skip it. We will get to it later

now we're going to take the fat end and cross it over the skinny end

move the skinny and over take the fat end cross it over the skinny end,

making an "X".

You'll notice I have one hand holding the bottom of the "X".

To simplify the process I'm going to have one hand do all the work while the