Google Forms | Use Branching to Control Which Questions are Shown

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- [Instructor] Okay we're going to be creating

a Google Form and we're going to be using something

called Branching, which is going to control

which questions that you see based on the answers

that you give to the questions.

Let's act like they just took a course,

so the first question is we're just going to ask

them how they liked the course,

just to get them started.

This one is just kind of a warm-up intro question

and this won't be part of the Conditional Flow,

so we're going to have that be our first question

in this section.

And now we're going to ask a multiple choice question

and the answer to this is going to bring them

to a different place.

We're going to make sure that it's required

and we'll fill out a couple of options here.

So what type of course do they want next?

So I gave them two options here,