TUTORIAL: What is NESTING and How Is It Used? [Premiere Pro]

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hello I had a subscriber asked me about

Premiere Pro and nesting and what that's

all about

I'm gonna give you a very basic tutorial

on that right now in Premiere Perl when

you nest things you're basically

collapsing all the footage into one

thing that you can manipulate let's take

a look at that right now now here I have

a video that I did let's just mute these

tracks here music tracks I had a video

that I did it was for a wireless thing

and you'll see I have this thing coming

in zooming in these two little units

coming in and these two little guys down

here turning on and off I'm not going to

go into how I did that exactly but the

elements you're looking at that are

occurring here are right here this is

the text layer right here that's the

left unit that's the right unit and then