Squarespace training on index pages + folders - Squarespace Tutorial Series

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hi everyone Carey gonna fancy here and

we are continuing with the squid space

Series tutorials so in this video I'm

gonna show you the difference between

folders and index pages because they can

be quite confusing for people when

you're just starting out in Squarespace

but they can also be hugely valuable in

terms of how you organize your content

and just to really wrap your head around

how to design with them so I'm actually

gonna take you behind the scenes of my

own website I've got a couple of

modifications and adjustments that I

need to personally make and so I thought

that this would be a really great live

way to show you exactly how I edit my

Squarespace website all the time and why

I am a huge advocate of being able to

edit your own website whenever wherever

and however quickly and often as you