Excel Nested IF function

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hi guys today we're going to do a nested

if function meaning if function within

an if function okay and I've set up an

example that I've come across before

that I think is a really good one for

starting out understanding when you

would need to use such a function such a

nested function and also how to do it

and it's also not too complicated so as

to turn you off to pursuing further

levels of complication okay so here we

have a bunch of flights these are just

the flight numbers I made up these are

took the total number of seats on each

one of these flights and there's either

a 210 seats 350 seats 150 or 190 so I

just went off the presumption that

there's four types of aircraft and these

are the four capacities okay here are

the seats sold so as we know sometimes

airlines oversell seats and they have