After Effects Tutorial - Nesting Composition - Level: Beginner

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hi this is Paul and today I want to talk

about nesting compositions now if you're

still new to After Effects you may only

be using compositions to create your

main workspace but where the real power

comes from is when you start creating

multiple compositions and embedding them

in other compositions and what I mean by

that is using them just as regular

layers just as you would put a image or

a movie file into a composition you can

take other compositions and put them

into a composition now I'll give you an

example of what I mean by that here I

have a parent composition and this is of

like a control room or some you know

techy environment and we have all these

screens up here now what I've done it

I've replaced the content of three of

these screens with just a little bit of

a like a you know old TV noise sort of