Python Tutorial 24 - Nested if Statement

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hey everybody welcome back to your I

believe it's your 24th python tutorial

who knows yeah I'm pretty sure that's

right though this video I want to talk

about miss I can't really pronounce that

very well Nest's this is basically we're

going to be talking about if statements

within if statements so how does this

work well basically we're going to test

the first if statement and then within

that it's going to test some other ones

so let's try this so I'm not really

going to give any practical examples for

this I'm just going to be showing you

how it works so you can understand it

that way in your programs you can know

how to do this when you need all right

so let's say let's let's make a variable

first all right score and let's set it

to zero and then we say if score is

greater than 100 print you rock my socks