Nested If Function in Excel : How to write If Function with multiple conditions

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this tutorial we will see how we can

apply multiple if conditions where we

can consider more than one condition in

nested head so I have some data here on

this sheet where we can see we have

employee ID employee name and surly so I

need to figure out that category of

cellie is what so in this case we have

four conditions and for each condition I

have given a name so by looking at the

numbers in certainly I have put one

condition like if Shelley is less than

or equal to 2010 we need low and if cell

is more than 2000 and less than 5000

then value should be medium if it is

more than 5000 and less than or equal to

10,000 let me broaden this then it

should be high and if it is more than

with 10000 then value should be

top-level these values I want to be

presented here with the help of nested