SKID MARKS: How To Wipe Your Butt (According to a Doctor)

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dr. Paul here I've got a silly one your

kid keeps getting skid marks in their

underwear so we're talking about they're

not wiping little streaks of poop in the

underwear parents who do laundry you're

probably familiar with this it's normal

but what can we do about it is this is

this something we need to worry about

come on be honest did you ever not

totally get things wiped up perfect or

maybe you wiped but then you know if

there's a little stool in the rectal

vault some of it kind of leaks past even

though you've wiped well and you've got

a little smears or you know dirty

underwear folks parents do not panic

about this this is completely normal

unless your child has Enco paresis which

is very large impacted stool of another

video on that take a look at that if

that's your situation but if we're

talking your child as normal bowel

movements but they just can't seem to

have clean underwear what can you do

about it well first of all don't panic

it's normal secondly maybe you should

show your kids and just be real

light-hearted about it how to wipe oh

here I'll show you so this is toilet

paper actually it's Kleenex but you get

your toilet paper you're done you wipe

well girls you're going to wipe front to

back so if you're sitting on the toilet

you push it to the back or if you're

reaching around you pull because you

don't want to get poop in the vagina

that can cause increased risk for

urinary tract infections boys you're a

little luckier front back whatever reach

around get yourself wiped off put it in

the toilet when you're done right

how about let's do it again so wipe wipe

in the toilet maybe a third time all

right and and you don't have to be rough

but you've got to be thorough you've got

it you've got to wipe your anus oh but

here's the anus

okay so we're going to just wipe right

one direction do it again

we're going to wipe the other direction

do it again wipe now a trick that I've

had to use and taught my children who

seem to all have trouble with this issue

because you know what if you haven't

wiped well now you've got sore bottoms

you've got rashes they're there one of

my kids could barely walk he couldn't

hardly go to work his bottom was so bad

he needed a barrier cream I taught them

get though if you're somewhere where you

can do this

just get your toilet paper get enough of

it wadded up and get it slightly damp

and then you wipe right with a damp

cloth now it's really clean get one more

dry one wipe gently now you're clean so

some of us I guess just have a harder

time getting our bottoms clean and one

way you know right less you've wiped

three four or five times and that take a

look oh it's totally clean

you're probably done if you're wet and

it's just major Brown there's more there

and either you need to just sit down and

finish having your bowel movement and

then try wiping again or you're just

going to have to wipe a little better a

little more carefully maybe try the wet

wipe idea for those kids who have a rash

because of you know it's just gotten

irritated you can use a barrier cream

any kind of diaper cream works great a

little tiny bit of Vaseline just wipe

off the excess nobody likes to walk

around with a sticky bet so smears are

okay sticky bucks blooper smears are

okay sticky buds not thanks for watching

I'm dr. Paul