How Long Can You Hold Your Poop Before You Explode

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what if you woke up tomorrow and you

couldn't poop what if he never puts

again in this video we'll go through the

toll not pooping can have on your body

the reasons you might become poop averse

what you can do to get pooping once

again a little while ago we told you

what would happen if you weren't able to

pee for a while and unsurprisingly there

are a lot of similarities between pee

and poo Mike peeing pooping is a

necessary process to eliminate waste and

toxins from the human body and like

peeing there are serious complications

that arise if you decide to stop pooping

altogether it takes your body just under

fifty three hours to process food from

mouth to butt with 40 of those hours

taking place in the lower intestine or

your colon while everybody poops we are

each the master of our own destiny and

therefore we live according to our own

poop schedule a normal poop schedule can

range from as much as 3 times a day to

once every other day although people

tend to poop at the same times every

single day if you're not pooping

regularly chances are you're constipated

constipation as defined by doctors

occurs when you poop two or fewer times

per week although it's a relatively

common condition it should really be

treated promptly as the problem can

compound quickly with poop backing up

further into your intestines and making

you feel sick occasionally holding your

poo isn't really that big of a deal but

the longer you wait the worse things can

get as poop sits in your colon it

absorbs water making it bigger and

harder and ultimately more difficult to

pass and possibly leading to colon

damage well it's possible that you can

go a long time without pooping things

can definitely get quite uncomfortable

bloating nausea and stomach pain are

just a few of the symptoms you'd have to

deal with and those aren't even the

worst not pooping doesn't just affect

your digestive system it can impact your

entire body a few examples of this are

fecal impaction if your stool compacts

too much and becomes hard it may require

medical assistance to be removed bowel

perforation if your stool backs up into

your intestines it could put too much

pressure on them and literally rip

through spilling poop into your

abdominal cavity this can be life

due to the unsanitary nature of proof of

the bacteria that lives inside of it

cardiovascular risks chronic

constipation can increase stress and

elevate blood pressure throughout your

body so much it actually causes heart

problems but those still aren't even the

worst oh no far from it you want to hear

the worst thing that can happen if you

stop pooping

are you sure okay fine but you may want

to sit down for this if you stop pooping

and the stool keeps compacting and

backing up into your system it's

possible you could literally start

throwing up poop from your mouth like

you're a redheaded second-year wizard

whose wand backfired whilst telling a

xenophobic Slytherin to eat poop and yes

that was a deep Harry Potter and the

Chamber of Secrets reference and

sometimes you can even pass away in the

case of a young woman from the UK who

passed away after eight weeks of

constipation during which her intestines

grew so big they literally pushed on her

organs it gave her a heart attack but

honestly some of us may choose a heart

attack over throwing up poop

there are some things you just can't

quite recover from you know aside from

waking up with no but there are a couple

of reasons you might want to stop

pooping entirely diet lack of exercise

stress ear the bowel syndrome or IBS and

some medicines can keep you from

enjoying a healthy regular bowel

movement there are also mental diseases

such as functional fecal retention

syndrome a condition mainly found in

children who are scared to poo in fact

the world record for not pooping may

belong to a thirteen-year-old whose

functional fecal retention syndrome

prevented them from pooping for a year

that said if you suppress your need to

poop for a long time it can be difficult

to stimulate your colon to work again so

if your colon is stopped and you'd like

to restart it step number one to get it

started is to drink more water which is

the solution to really most of life's

problems your poop will absorb the water

stimulating the bowels to get moving

again next you should exercise which is

also another solution in most of life's

problems movement generally massages the

bowels and you don't even have to do any

risky exercises like squats a simple

brisk walk after supper can do the trick

finally reducing dairy intake eating

more fibrous fruit and vegetables and

cutting out processed foods can do

wonders for your ability to poop cleanly

and again these are generally tips for

living a healthy life in many

regards so there you have it well the

consequences of not pooping can be


luckily the cures are extremely

accessible and easy to come by in a

worst case scenario you can buy some

laxatives at your local pharmacy and get

the engine revved up that way a handful

of people are born with a condition

where they literally don't have a

functioning but without a butt the only

way to poop is with the help of a

colostomy bag which involves surgically

attaching a bag to your intestines

through your abdomen it's a relatively

straightforward procedure and your

quality of life won't really decrease at

all so don't worry the important thing

is that you are able to pass your waste

products after all in the immortal words

of gastroenterologist Ian lust bader of

NYU birds gotta fly fish got a swim and

colons got a poop that's all for today

and thanks again for tuning in if you're

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