Vision Test Tips - Remove Anxiety and Get Perfect Prescription Glasses - Eye Doctor Explains

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okay which is better unclear or clear


wouldn't it mean amazing if that's how

easy this test was so I'm an optometrist

and I would say that I wish it was that

easy the process of finding your

prescription with this machine it's

called a refraction in the video my goal

is to try to remove some of the anxiety

that you might have when you are getting

your eyes checked this is a complex

device created to produce a simple

solution to bring you back to the world

of clear vision so today let's focus on

better one or two besides the dreadful

puff of air test the refraction creates

more anxiety than all the other things

that we do in the United

I see patients sweating because they're

afraid that they're gonna say the wrong

thing and get their prescription wrong

well I'm here to tell you that 99% of

the time if you get a pair of glasses

that you can't see through and it makes

you dizzy or nauseous or gives you

headache it was not because you did it

wrong or you said two instead of one so

today I'm not showing you how to do the

test but what you will experience while

you take the test I will say that

finding a prescription is not like

getting a measurement from a well

calibrated machine the results that you

get from those will be repeatable and

reproducible every time you use it

so pinning down a prescription of the

eye is kind of like this







so I can start this test in three ways

either I can take your old prescription

and put it into the machine and just

make that better or I can use an auto

refractor which is a machine that

estimates your prescription or I can

figure out a prescription with the

retina scope it allows me to see how the

light reflects off the back of your eye

and with that I can get very close to

your prescription so the reason why we

asked the question better one or two so

that you can make sure that you'll be

comfortable with that prescription so

I'll tell my patients that the only way

that you can get this test wrong is if

you just lie but even then we're trained

to be able to catch that too sometimes

we'll have people who really want a

prescription so they'll say anything to

get it all right so let's get you behind

the phoropter so now for this part of

the test we're gonna figure out what

your new prescription is so now I have

your old prescription already in the

machine and with your help we're gonna

fine tune it and see if we can bring it

back into clear vision let me give you a

challenge and tell me at this point

what's the smallest line that you can


good now I'm going to show you some

choices and they both might be blurry

but I want you to tell me between the

two choices which one looks a little bit

better now first if I do this does that

look a little worse yes good now which

choice is better choice number one or

two two and two or three three and at

this point what can you read good and

better three four or about the same four

very good

can you read some of those letters on

the bottom line or is that still a

little out of reach TZ ve o L very good

now I want you to go to that top line

FCB de just pick a letter up there it

doesn't matter which one and I'm gonna

make it very blurry and neither choice

will be clear but like I said I want you

to tell me between the two choices which

one looks a little bit better

so here's choice number one or two two

good and one - or about the same one one


and one or two one one or two two and

one two are saying one very good little

bit better there yes good and now let me

give you all those choices again and

last can you see that bottom line tzv

ECL very good this should be a little

worse right yes in better 1 2 or same -

very good now let's check the other eye

I hope this video was helpful and the

next time you see your eye doctor you

take this test with confidence and ease

now don't forget to breathe and blink my

question for you is whether or not you

need glasses full time are you wearing

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this one so remember breathe and blink

so you can stay focused on what truly

matters to you and your life see you

next week