How many hours of sleep do you need?

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how many hours should you sleep at night

it's a great question the answer for

most adults is somewhere between six and

eight hours a night but this is variable

everyone knows someone who gets five

hours at night and does perfectly fine

but most adults need between six and

eight hours a night to be functional and

that's the key is how functional are you

if you feel like you're sleep-deprived

you're tired you're not functioning well

then it's important to look at how

you're sleeping and what's most

important about sleep is maintaining a

routine something we call sleep hygiene

as best as you possibly can so you want

to try to avoid things that can disrupt

your sleep cycle walk into truck your

sleep cycle well lots of caffeine late

at night which is a stimulant eating

late at night can give you heartburn and

wake you up

certainly alcohol as we all know can

give you a bad night's sleep as well

there are other medications which

routinely interrupt with your sleep

cycles as well and so trying to maintain

consistent habits that's really really

important any time you start altering

your habits you alter your sleep cycle

and all the times you're not going to

feel well rested the next day if you

have any questions about your sleeping

habits or having difficulty with your

sleep habits by all means please make an

appointment with your primary care

physician or with myself or any of my

colleagues at Mount Sinai doctors

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