How to Sleep Less and Get More Out of Your Day- Thomas DeLauer

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my first CEO told me that sleep is a

crutch he told me that he'll sleep when

he's dead and at the time I told him

well it's sleeps important it's what

makes us function and I was right sleep

is important but he was also right -

okay not that it's a crutch but we can

get by with a lot less sleep than what

we think and I'm gonna explain it to you

in a way that might make some sense I

want you to do the math would you rather

sleep for seven hours but really only

sleep for fifteen to twenty minutes of

each of those hours meaning you're only

getting 15 minutes of quality sleep for

every hour that you're asleep or would

you rather sleep for four hours and get

deep sleep for 45 to 50 minutes of that

time and us as businesspeople our minds

are always going 120 miles per hour in

fact sleep a lot of times just becomes