Need More Energy And Vitality? | Donna Eden

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sometimes I have been asked how do I

gain more energy how do I build my

endurance so I'm going to show you a

couple of ways I'm Donna and I have been

working in the field of energy medicine

for the past 40 years but the ten years

before that I healed myself with energy

medicine and I just wanted to teach it

and share it with everybody

and that's what I'm doing today with you

and I'm David Feinstein I'm a clinical

psychologist and through Donna's work I

really seen how to apply the ways of

moving into the body's energy system to

reprogram what happens in the brain very

powerful stuff sometimes I have been

asked how do I get more energy how do I

build my endurance so I'm going to show

you a couple of ways one of the ways is

to massage or tap points right

underneath your clavicle here called

k-27 that's kidney Meridian acupuncture

point whatever 27 it's a juncture point

for all the meridians in the body and

when you've gotten exhausted or tired

your energy flips around and goes

backwards and so you just keep dragging

and you go to have any energy

but massaging and tapping k-27 flips the

energy surrounds they go forward again

and you've got your energy again another

technique that's really good for

building endurance and it gets stronger

over time the more you do it we have a

Meridian that runs from the pubic bone

to the bottom lip thing called central

Meridian it is also called conception

vessel but if you

if you begin zipping yourself up is this

if you have a long zipper there just

pull that energy up and do it a few

times a day like that then you're going

right in the same direction that the

Meridian naturally flows meridians are

energy pathways and it's like a river

that goes up this way and by moving your

hand you're enhancing that flow you're

supporting that flow right and more and

more the more you pull it up the more it

builds that happen

the more you will have endurance so

these are two simple ways to increase

your energy increase your endurance very

simple tap on the K 27 points or rub

them and do the zip up thank you