J.I "Need Me" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

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I started making music when I was like 12.

I remember I tried out for the basketball team

in middle school and I didn't even make the team

like I'm walking home after try-out just tight

like I was so mad because I know I didn't make the team

and like all my friends like they did good

as I'm walking home I'm just like yo I gotta do something.

I just gotta get so good at it that when other people

try to do it they just look stupid trying to do it next

to me like and I'm 12 thinking that like I'm walking

home with my bookbag angry I'm just like fuck these kids.

Fuck that coach like I was so mad.

I'm glad I didn't quit I'm glad I didn't give up.

Fuck all the negativity I'm coming up.

I can't let none stop me you feel me?

I've already had like two records recorded

and I'm in the studio with my man Doc.

A.k.a. Doc on the Beat that's the producer.

I just had the sample of Best of Me from Jay Z

I just had it in my head and I'm just like yo

we gotta use the sample.

And then he already knew it.

He heard the sample for like three seconds

pulled out a piano and just started

coming up with the melody.

But then I was like yo we gotta make the drums different

like you feel me we have to really add a reggae.

And 'cause it's summertime too and it was August

it was late summertime.

I wanted to go home and write to it but two weeks

later I ended up going to the studio to freestyle

it anyways it's just crazy like how I heard the record

and I'm just like I really hope this shit really takes off.

And it went crazy.

I really started blowing up in 2016.

I was on TV show called the Rap Game.

I went to Atlanta to film the show.

In my head I'm just thinking yo this gonna be like a great

move for my career you feel me I can get the exposure

I need and I came home and everybody

was on the wave like yo Prince of New York

it's the Prince of New York.

I'm just like holy shit that wasn't even my name.

Prince of New York was not my name.

That was my Instagram name.

The support was crazy but the hatred was just ridiculous

like I'm 14 and I'm reading comments like yo I hate this kid

I wanna beat this nigga up. When I see him I'm gonna hurt

him like the fuck I did to you?

I'm 14 like mad 'cause your girl she had my post nigga

get out your back bro like...

Mom probably gonna share my post it's gonna get worse.

It really fucked me up mentally like it really changed

my whole mindset and it made come outside ready

like really ready for anything.

This your shorty.

This my wee wee.


You feel me like you know what it is I love saying

like sarcastic shit.

I just have the mind for it.

Like I try to say stuff that people hear and they're

like oh my god! Like 'cause that's the type of music I love.

I love listening to artists

and they're able to like get me to react so just shorty

on a pistol made her empty out the clip.

You feel me?

Get it.

First of all like I was new to the game especially

when it came to females like my first time going in.

I didn't even think pussy could smell like that.

I did not know that.

Like I smelled my finger and it stunk.

This shit had me tight 'cause it's like you don't got enough

respect for me to like be clean around me?

Like it's not hard to take a shower you feel me like

if you don't gotta shower you could have come to my crib.

I got soap, water, take a shower in my crib.

We can get sexual.

But it's like you stink!

Like you smell like Seaworld.

Like this shit is crazy an aquarium.

You don't work at an aquarium so it's like there's no excuse

for you to be smelling like fish.

I told her like you feel me like you stink a little bit

like just gotta clean yourself if you be like that.

There be drama all over the place

like especially in the hood.

I'd be in tune with it but I just I'm in my own world.

I don't really need the negativity

like I'm just on a path right now and I'm just trying

to continue on that path.

I don't want it fucking me up

'cause I'm just hearing shit from other artists.

They get caught up in the wrong situations

at the wrong time and it's just like damn like you had your

whole career ahead of you.

For me like what could happen now is like I could prevent

anything from happening I'm gonna do it.

'cause it's like trouble's so easy to come across.

Fuck that like nah I'm tryna feel me I'm trying to win.

Out of 100% at least like 30% of females are good.

And I don't mean that in a foul way

like I mean that because a lot of girls

like it's the same thing with guys.

You feel me there's a lot of fucked up guys like usually

you hold guys to the standard of cheating like you expect

a guy to cheat.

It's to the point where it's even now.

Like it can be anybody now.

I've gotten played multiple times.

'cause I'm just naturally a good person.

I feel like if you're a good person you can relate to that.

You're gonna always get played.

I'm just gonna hold my head high.

That's all it is.

You feel me I can't dwell over spilled milk.

A lot of girls a lot of boys they get hurt especially

at a young age trying to fall in love and shit like that.

But it's like you always feel like nobody's there for you.

Sometimes people feel like nobody's in their corner.

I'm a type of person like I don't care how long

it's been if we cool we cool.

You call my phone like you feel me imma pick up

whatever you gotta talk about we could talk about.

I hold a lot of emotion in I keep shit to myself

and I just let it build up and that's not a good thing

to do so it's like when it comes to making music

I can express myself and let that shit go.

In general that's just for people who feel alone and shit.

You feel me like call my phone.

I know a lot of people did you wrong.

It's good though 'cause it's gonna get better you know?

I watch social media I see what be going on

I be seeing rappers getting knocked out and shit like that.

getting oppressed all that type of stuff.

I gotta move a type of way even if it's not gonna happen

even if it never will happen

but I still gotta move a way like many people have lost

their lives and it's just worse now 'cause I got a name.

It's not like I'm a regular person and it's like oh let's

get this thing like I got a name now like I gotta carry

myself like I don't even be involved in all the bullshit

like I try to stay away from it.

I can still get caught up somehow.

So it's like I gotta move away because a lot of people

will envy a lot of people hate and it's like I refuse

to let somebody get the chance.

I can't nah. You can never play me.

it's not happening.

I came from the worst condition.

I grew up in the worst conditions.

But I was able to overcome it.

Moving with certain people that elevated themselves

in certain ways you feel me like as a young kid

I was making power moves you feel me

not a lot of 14 year old can say they did what I did.

And I did it in a positive way like I tell you

I came from nothing like where I grew up

niggas was getting killed every week like summers was hot.

Summer each year you was lucky you hit your birthday

because there's like damn like I made another year

I'm blessed to see this year like I've lost a lot

of people and in general like I'm doing this for my hood

like I just wanna show people like yo ain't shit impossible

bro like. People get clout they get lost in the sauce

their mentality gets fucked up.

Nah that can never be me.

I just wanna lead by example and show everybody like yo

do what you put your mind to.

Shit ain't impossible.

And you was on a benches dwelling over losses

it's kinda like you sat down and didn't make any movements.

You dwelled over shit that happened in the past

while we made movements.

You feel me who the fuck is you like you over here sad

making a sob story bullshit

like go out and get it you feel me?

I don't even look like I listen to reggae music

but I'm a artist like my ears open to anything like

if it's dope imma listen to it.

You feel me?

Reggae music in general it's just spicy like you gotta

get drunk and listen to reggae music.

The turn me on I wasn't gonna use it.

Until I really like said it and heard the way it sounded

on a beat and I just thought it was powerful

'cause I flipped the whole Jay Z record and then added

something from a different record

with a whole different genre.

It just went together like perfectly

and I was like nah this shit gonna fuck it up

like this gonna go crazy.