How a Sleep Doctor Trained His Body To Survive On Less Than 8 Hours Of Sleep a Night

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dr. Bruce you're gonna start today with

the correlation between our age and our

ability to get a good night's sleep

absolutely so it turns out that there

are different things that will happen

throughout the course of our lifetime

they can have pretty big effects on our

sleep and some of it becomes age

dependent so when you're in your like

20s and 30s it's usually something

behavioral like I'm staying up really

late because I'm going out with my

friends or watching my favorite TV shows

right because of your social life but

then as we get older it has a tendency

to turn a little bit more medical and or

medicine oriented so if you have

something going on in your life so in

your later in life for women menopause

might be something that could be

disruptive of their sleep or you might