How to sleep less without being tired? - Dr.Matt

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would you like to know how to sleep less

without being tired and therefore

getting more things done if yes stay

tunes I'm doctor Matz welcome to my

channel so let's get started firstly

exercise in the afternoon you will have

better sleep quality the better the

quality of the sleep the lesser amounts

you needs make sure your restrain from

drinking alcohol caffeine and the

Nicholson what's very important also is

to forget about any kind of energy

drinks or whatever engages your

metabolism and because all that is going

to bring the quality of your sleeping it

down I don't smoke I don't drink alcohol

I don't drink coffee I don't use any

kind of Energizer's and so on and very

for my quality of sleep is better


especially when I put coffee away a lot

has changed because honestly it took me

around two weeks so got rid of side

effects because I was really sleepy

during the day but now I really sleep

way better it seems that the sleep is

way more profound make sure you don't

use anything electronic before you go to


because blue lights that comes out from

your smartphone or laptop negatively

influences production of melatonin which

is a hormone which organizes your

sleeping cycles make sure you also build

habits so goats bats and sway Cup in the

morning more or less at the same time so

let's say that you go to bed sets 10:00

or 11:00 p.m.

and make sure you're always on the same

time in the bats and therefore is going

to be way easier the same when it comes

to waking up if you wake up at 6 a.m. or

7:00 a.m. make sure it's always the same

cycle and this will get you adjusted and

make your habituated to sleeping

patterns in your bedroom the temperature

should not exceed 68 Fahrenheit which is

around 20 Celsius if it's more than

sleep quality goes down mattress make

sure it doesn't have allergens and avoid

any kind of noise and the lights because

it's going to be more difficult to sleep

ideally there should be absolutely no

sounds and no lights so that you can

fall asleep easier when it comes to the

tool itself which is going to change

your sleeping habits you can start

shortening your sleep 20 minutes

weekly and get to six hours a day that's

the limit switch according to science

should be maintained you shouldn't cross

that line because your health might

deteriorate mathematically this is the

way it's looks let's say you slept for

eight hours every week you shorten it by

20 minutes so the first week you sleep 7

hour 40 minutes and then you sleep 7

hours 20 minutes and later in third week

it's 7 hours the fourth week it's six

hours forty fifth week it's six hours

twenty minutes and later it's six weeks

so it's gonna take you six weeks so

shorten your sleeping by two hours

unless you start from 10 hours of sleep

which I hope you didn't but if you did

it's going to take you more time so you

get to 6 hours this is the limit you

don't go down make sure you process your

weights in this experiments if suddenly

it happens then you weigh much more or

that you lose weights and it's not

connected with diet change it's probably

because you did something wrong and you

accelerated maybe so much so come back

to how you slept before and shorten this

20 minutes to 10 minutes this is going

to be easier and health is always

priority so just watch yourself also if

you are way more hungry than usually

maybe it's because you don't sleep

enough and it's just not going to pay

off because if you don't sleep enough

you will need more sugar if you need

more sugar than you are going to wants

to sleep more and so on if you have any

kind of impulsive behaviors afterwards

memory problems it might also be

connected with the fact that she didn't

sleep enough pay attention to this

because health is always number one

priority this is the solution which

works great for American culture it's

not going to be that easy in countries

which are very very hot like for

instance let's say United Arab Emirates

because this is where people loved it

also in Spain or in Italy have something

that they call siesta they sleep during

the day and because they nap then they

don't need so much sleep at night we can

also take advantage of this and function

in a different way there's research

which supports the idea of napping if

you sleep during the day between 15 and

30 minutes not less than that and no

more than half an hour then you can

actually economize on it and save up to

2 hours of sleeping time at night so

this is really economic exchange and

gives you some food for thoughts this

way you can sleep five hours a night if

you add 30 minutes of napping during the

day then you will sleep less without

being tired it might be logistically a

bit more difficult to introduce say you

work 9 to 5 jobs obviously you're not

going to nap for lunch but it's doable

and it's a question of organisation of

your life what else can shorten your

sleeping time and the fact that before

you go to bed you will write something

manually not on your computer or you

read something because it's relaxing and

influences you positively all the steps

and tricks have been scientifically

proven to work I suggest you using them

enjoy and if you like this video which I

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