10 Food Hacks to Eat Less! (+Lose Weight)

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hey guys it's Jonah here every single

day we make lots of food decisions on

what to eat where to eat how much to eat

and even who to eat with 90% of the food

decisions we make a habit base so

perhaps you are trying to make changes

to your current eating habits the in

healthier it better it last and also to

make better food decisions so I want to

share with you 10 really simple food

hacks to trick your brain into eating

less without feeling deprived or needing

to make drastic changes to your current

eating habits first downsize your plate

downsize your portion both these bowls

have the exact same amount of muesli

research has shown that if you eat from

a larger plate you're more likely to

pile on more food to fill up the plate

so swap for smaller bowls plates and

utensils to eat less your eyes will

trick your brain into thinking that you

are having more contrast the color of

your plates and food both these plates

have the exact same amount of rice if

you serve it on a white plate you may

end up eating 22% more than on a dark

play so if you want to eat less the

trick is to select plates that have a

high contrast to the food on the

contrary if you want to eat more greens

try serving them on a green plate drink

tall both these glasses have the exact

same amount of liquid visually the tall

thin glass appears to hold more than the

short glass so limit bad liquid calories

such as sodas and alcohols by serving

them in tall glasses you will be

drinking 20% less buy small packs

instead of a large pack when you have a

packet of snack in front of you no

matter what the size is chances are you

will aim to finish it in one sitting

opt for smaller packs and eat less if

you can buy smaller packets and then

divide them into smaller containers

never is directly from the packet drink

water first when you think you feel

hungry before you reach for that

chocolate bar to fill you up

drink water first

chances are you might just be dehydrated

instead of actually being hungry drink

water or have a light broth-based a

vegetable soup before your meal it will

fill you up and you will eat about 20

percent less per main meal keep food out

of sight if you're a snacker this next

trick is for you if a food is nearby and

you can visually see it I'm sure you

will reach for it eat it even if you're

not hungry choose to store biscuits and

treats in a non-transparent container

and keep them in the food cabinet or

drawers if you don't see it you won't

think of it and you won't eat it leave

evidence behind don't be too excited to

keep your plate clean after eating

previous experiments have shown that

when we have no evidence of the food we

have consumed we eat 28% more so give

yourself visual clues to help you track

how much you have eaten especially if

you're eating out or Ana buffet leave

those trash by your side to keep you in

check practice proper plating method

when you look at a plate remind yourself

that a healthy portion should be half

vegetables a quarter of lean protein and

a quarter of whole grains this plating

method will automatically lower the

overall calorie consumption increase

your total fiber intake

hence keeping you fool without

overeating divide the food on your plate

nowadays most restaurants tend to serve

huge portions to keep their customers

happy a full meal can sometimes contain

more than 1200 calories to avoid

overeating divide your meal divide that

mountain of food into to eat now pile

and to bring home pile once you have

finished that to eat now pile keilly ask

the waiter to pack the leftovers

immediately if you leave your food on

the table and continue chatting with

your friends chances are you will

continue eating and finish the entire

plate and find

limit distractions during mealtime if

you eat with distractions your body may

not register the food you've eaten and

you may end up eating more so turn off

the TV put your laptop and smartphone

away while you eat engage with your

senses its dead look smell your food and

taste every bite and for those of you

who work in an office consider taking

your lunch break away from your desk so

I really hope you've enjoyed this video

and found it to be useful building a

lifestyle of healthy habits is long-term

so start by practicing these 10 simple

food hacks and over time you will subtly

influence your mind and behavior to eat

less and also lose weight so which is

your favorite mind trick let me know in

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more detail all the best