How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy | Luke Durward | TEDxYorkU

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Translator: Maurício Kakuei Tanaka Reviewer: Adam Fitzgerald

My little brother

was very good at a few things from a very young age.

The first thing he was really good at was making everybody laugh without trying.

Like the one time I told him

he should have a little bit of protein after a workout.

He got all excited because he thought I said "poutine."


The second thing he was good at was eating large quantities of food.

Come dinner time,

it wasn't uncommon for him to outeat most of the adults at the table.

Now, as you may have guessed, as a five-foot-nothing little boy,

there is, in fact, a downside to regularly outeating full-grown men.

At just 11 years old, I could already see that, if nothing else changed,

my little brother was headed for an adolescent life

littered with teasing and unhealthy eating.

As his older brother, I wanted to do something about it.

As a nutrition, or kinesiology student, with an intense interest in nutrition,

I knew that I had to do something about it.

Initially, I wasn't sure how, but I was determined to find a way.

Now, in March of 2013,