Using 'Need' Correctly - English Grammar Lesson

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hello and welcome to the new class my

name is Niharika and I am your tutor for

today's lesson now what are we going to

learn today here English as in language

has more than enough words that you or

me can even think of and it is very

important to know the use of the simple

words so that you are always

grammatically correct therefore here we

are going to learn today using the word

need now neat what comes to your mind

when you think of this word need is a


it means require it is a must have right

so this need acts as your main verb

which means it is required or it is a

necessity so let's look into some

examples here that would explain it to

you in much better way now I need help

here need is your main verb it is the

only word in this sentence so need the

help is required it is necessary so that

explains I need help

we can also look into another sentence

here I need some new winter clothes

maybe it is very cold outside so winter

clothes is a necessity therefore you

would say I need some new winter clothes

sumeet is your main verb here we also

have sentence written here she needs to

talk to him now she is your third person

whereas meat is your main word however

let's stress on the word s now we are

using this the reason because she is the

third person here we also have two more

forms to need which is needed and of

course needed needed is your past and

needed again is your past participle so

here we learnt need when used as your

main verb now let's see how need can be

used as an auxiliary verb

now when need is used as an auxiliary

verb it is commonly used as in negative

sin tenses and also in questions to

explain this to you we have sin tense

here you need not ask my permission here

me is a supporting word to ask ask is

your main word there is not is your

negative word alright to need is here a

supporting work let's look at a question

here mean we wait any longer now this is

a question here that make me wait any

longer if your answer to this is a

positive answer you would say yes you


and if your answer is negative to this

question that you would say no you need

not so now this explains that how we

used the word need as a main work and as

an auxiliary verb all right now let's

see here that how we can use the word

need in the past it really means that

unnecessary things that happened in the

past so to explain this better let's

look at some examples here we needn't

have waited for them now here neden is

the negative right half plus waited is

your past participle so this explains

that we needn't have waited for them

this means that it was unnecessary that

we waited for them let's look at another

sentence here that you needn't have lost

your temper again here Medan is your

negative 1/2 plus the past participle

that is lost so losing your temper was

just unnecessary so that's why we use

the sentence that you needn't have lost

your temper let's look at now we learned

now as the main verb as the auxiliary

verb and how the need can be used in the


now we also use need as a noun now let

me explain how now education is a need

here neat as you noun because it's not a

requirement but we have various kinds of

needs there like there are types of

needs like food clothing shelter is your

need right so this need would act as

your noun here now let's look at what is

the difference between a need and a

desire now what does that mean here me

it would be again your necessity like

two meals in a day or three meals in a

day is a necessity right so here this

need means that it's a necessity

whereas desire is your desire like well

my desire is to have a Ferrari or a


so here desire is not your necessity

therefore this gives you the difference

between the meat and the desire well

hope this lesson helped you to know the

uses of the word need and the next time

you use this word you are confident and

you know that you are grammatically

correct so thank you for listening to us

here for any curries and comments please

write in to us until then you take care

I'll see you in the next class