How to tell if you need glasses

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very often people don't realize there's

something wrong with their vision you

know ghiyath it's always been this way

isn't this the way it's supposed to be

why should I go see an eye doctor

how would I know that there's anything

wrong with my eyes a lot of people will

say gee I never wore glasses why do I

need them now and it has to do with the

aging of the structures within the eye

the fancy name for that is presbyopia

and so some things will tell you right

you're noticing that your vision is

becoming blurry you're noticing that you

have a new spot floating around in your


you're noticing that there's a veil or a

curtain over your vision or that there

are flashing lights off to one side let

me give you a startling statistic 80% of

correctable vision loss in this country