How to Ruin Your Eyesight | 10 NON-Electronic Ways!

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10 ways to ruin your eyesight.

Let's begin!

The first way to ruin your eyesight is constant eye rubbing.

It's pretty obvious.

You keep rubbing your eye its gonna mess it up.

Stop rubbing your eye unless you really have to.

A second way to ruin your eyesight is sleep deprivation.

I feel like I mention sleep deprivation in every single how to video that I do.

Every horrible thing that can happen to you in life is somehow tied to sleep deprivation

so make sure you're getting enough sleep.

A third way to ruin your eyesight is to sleep in contacts.

Now I don't wear glasses or contact because I'm not a nerd.

But if you do wear contacts, be sure to take them out when you sleep, or even when you're

showering or swimming.

If you shower and swim in your contacts, that's gonna mess up your eyes too.

A fourth way to ruin your eyesight is, not using safety goggles, especially when you're

doing hazardous chores like working with chemicals, working with fire, wood working you know.

I don't know what you do in your spare time.

If you do any of that crap and you're not wearing safety goggles, you're putting your

eyes at risk.

But if you're trying to ruin your eyesight, then go for it.

A fifth way to ruin your eyesight is dehydration.

You gotta stay moist okay.

You'll, you'll get all woozy and your eyesight will suck.

Stay moist and hydrated.

A sixth way to ruin your eyesight is overusing eye drops.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, an organization I definitely knew before I

did research for this video, overusing eye drops can cause irritation to the eyes.

Use them once in a while and then you know, chill out with the eye drop usage.

A seventh way to ruin your eyesight is, not wearing sunglasses.

If you're out in the sun for hours at a time, maybe you're at the beach, maybe you're watching

the eclipse, not wearing sunglasses is going to help damage your eyes.

Make sure you're covering your eyes, protecting your eyes with sunglasses.

How to ruin your eyesight method number eight, using expired eye makeup.

According to the Academy of Ophthalmology, again I'm a huge fan of that group.

I follow their, their work, you're supposed to throw away makeup after 3 months or so.

I know you know, you want to hold onto that bottle of mascara or whatever that's been

sitting on your thing for like a year.

Throw it away Margret okay.

How about you stop being so vain, and just maybe not wear makeup for a couple weeks.

Okay Margaret.

It's not making that much of a difference anyway.

Poor Margaret.

A ninth way to ruin your eyesight is, not getting regular eye checkups which I'm definitely

guilty of.

My eyes are fine, I've had them tested though.

I got my drivers license so...

Make sure that you are getting your eyes looked at regularly.

How to ruin your eyesight method ten, number ten.

Top Ten!

Smoking or being around second hand smoke.

The constant fumes, the constant smoke obviously.

There's a bar in my town that allows smoking and every time I go in there, I just leave

the bar smelling like smoke.

My eyes are all red.

I have to do like a three day cleanse every time I leave that bar which is probably why

I don't go there that much anymore.

Stay away from smoke, second hand smoke and any other type of smoke.

Thank you for watching and I'll see you again really, really soon.

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