Cheats and Codes for Need for Speed Underground 2 for PC

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hi I'm itsumo dekhe for about calm and

I'm going to make sure that you keep

your car and need for speed underground

2 need for speed underground two for the

pc is the second game in the need for

speed underground series in the game you

play as an unnamed protagonist rising up

the ranks of the underground racing

world the following codes are entered

with the keyboard at the police enter

screen before loading a profile all

codes are one word the following codes

are to unlock sponsor cars in quick race

mode unlock the snoop dogg car use the

cheat yo dawg y ou D 0 BB to unlock the

Capone car input the code wanna Capone

wa n n a c.a.p om e unlock your chinny

car and put the code gme Chingy d i M

and E CH I n G why if classic rock is

more your thing unlock the doors car

input the code open doors o P E and D 0