Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - BEST NEED FOR SPEED EVER ???

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welcome goes to one of my favorite

racing games of all time Need for Speed

Most Wanted 2005 Oh My gods

this is quite a quiet time of the year

so I figured we should go back to a

classic and check it out

so I'm - serious on this back in 2015 I

didn't finish it but if you guys want to

see this is the full series on the

channel try and get 2,000 likes on this

video I'll turn into a daily series on

the channel I'll be well up for that

I'll be yeah oh definitely a filler

right it's a star new career and let's

check out Need for Speed Most Wanted I

mean even the music it's just perfect

it's just perfection oh it's going far

too much back in the day

how's your car running

I need your pink slip

he's dangerous be careful if I swap

paint if he has to first I'm gonna take

your ride never take your girl get ready

for that stay focused

he's rolling on a lot of power so wait

for him to shift first


I catch patrol division we have reported

at least one mobile code six drivers

followed by police




this is when our most famous cars in

gaming history was born the bmw m3 and

what car it is starring as car racer the

main villain in the game is tasteless

down in full Mustang and this is

slightly weird to control first I'm

looking alone no will win in for

Christ's sake we're gonna rat to smash

razor and get 15th on the blacklist six

days ago

entering Rockport






oh man did you pick the wrong street to

run on this this is a nice car gauges

shifter wheel is this awful shoulders

there's something more I should know

about I'd like to take a little peek

under the hood okay good idea

let me tell you what's about to happen

we're gonna take your car tear it apart

and see if it's street-legal you know

the odds that date get a record down

here looks like your racing days are


let me let you in on a little secret

street racing in Rockport is finished

I've got a beautiful little surprise

that's gonna tear you guys apart from

the inside out now get out of the car

next time he won't be so lucky

nice pinstripe


so gonna race the Supra right today

surprisingly competent means this is the

bmw m3 I mean this can destroy any which

is the boy is friends ROTC then let's do


I mean even in payback was still refrain

this car that's how it is it may take me

a little puts the PBS gift of the game

again some of the controls so I destroy

every lamppost in the world must be

slowed down there you get the handbrake

like this

whose personal

a little bit I love this call it's so

good so good spot for the Beast

I love how to do lobster the specific

series on the channel and to smash here

for the holder jamaran be so much fun I

guess I already feel guys is feedback

by myself Humphrey there we go Rambam

damn it

these milks come be my when I go a

little bit pressure


too much there

leave me alone nothing to the ends

pull the cup look at dumb messed it's

135 miles an hour and 10,000 cash sweet


what did I tell you crazy shadowed me I

couldn't shake up another bolt on

wonderboy looking to get smoked why

don't we save you the grief and peel

those parts right now well done or not

that ride is hot

faster than anything here obviously

don't know your car sweetheart I know

your ride doesn't have a chance

my 60-footer quarter-mile whatever you

want to throw on the table

smokes anything here including this pump

gas kit car well then where's your punk

money then five grand five grand says my

boil smoke this clown

what's your boy have to do with this any

racing there's nobody and I ain't taking

orders from some chick just rolled onto

the scene yeah this here is the number

15 guy on the blacklist you got a lot of

rap to earn before you get to run with

him thanks for the update are we doing

this or what I got it oh do you my

friend all right let's race for 5 grand

10 grand

whoo oh yeah you you want to amp this up

let's do it right

yeah give me the police we've got a

couple of guys about the street race

down here at the shipyards you better

send the cops right away maybe an

ambulance too

when he's through with you I never want

to see your face again listen Ann we

have an over ice straightaway

the next part of razors game can we

defeat it

muscles faster police labium may be


it's gonna happen at some point you know


let me know a little lifestock question

away the cups are closed please leave me


or engage them anyway


raise them more lowly

puppies to compose again

oh good

is annoying the game zametov MacEwan

most wanted a pipe


or secondly already go as an absolute

boon these cops can not keep up

well you know I've lost the pursuit cars

they've been in that I used my Rhino log

stick to look behind me that was a




yeah wagon

very good late 85% the race is dumb

magnet car is good no one can defeat

dum boom hundred and sixty one miles an


is what I'm talking about also race

stats have interest Oh any more

statistics average speed hundred and

fourteen miles an hour

two days ago building reputation winning

races making a name for herself in the


let's see how good you do in the

daylight this time is for cars including

me that feeling nos birds

Baba's will the police get involved

again at the amount alone Oh a little

bit very careful pedestrians

see any but they are in the game they

here somewhere


right now I've got a good lead already

get my mojo back

we have strayed out of there sometimes

you just have such trivial stuff in this

game the axis Nigeria lucky would Hindu

life loss

oh yeah baby only Allah forgives sin


I don't see any pedestrians well is this

the very quiet road on this one come one

Sorry Sorry

let's take a while

but I saw its relapse within the wrong


so that's one on the left that will

flame that's the heat on your car the

more heat you get the more cops will

come down on you when you're out and

about basically

Harry but no heat on the car now

surprise again


we could leave



a plea we though it gets hot it does get

very hot this game especially the very

very very lost mission I don't never

much sin between that but I remember the

last question


took me many many as it


and that guy's is the finish

very good race flat and smooth and

absolute domination boom number 10,000

in the bag how can we keep that money

just want to spend it on upgrading my


buddy tell you you got to put your right

on the line to run against the blacklist

racer and that is why people are stupid

enough to do it some weird effect there

at the top I guess you gotta put a pink

slip against razor to become a blacklist

member basically so if we lose this do

you get that car


I need your pink slip

he's dangerous be careful if I swap

paint if he has to first I'm gonna take

your ride then I'm gonna take your girl

get ready for that


we'll jump back to every boss

okay stay focused rolling on a lot of

power so wait for him to ship first


doing this again a little bit DejaVu

fair enough


this is the best corner streets Nana

bye-bye the only way he can beat me he's

like cheating I think may have uh gonna

come seen he's like me to a car okay

and laughed my car isn't okay looks

pretty guys pretty picked out of the car


a minute man Miah Miah Miah said your

toast leaking oil at start line so yeah

if i raises so far behind us


sorry trees pick him down of the cops

have arrived and raises their two


with being a single race



take that to that cooler perfectly 40

bucks in a race to go no he pups under a

speedo sorry

what Papa fun but if you have cops there

as well they could take a sound one here

the race would be over


how'd you do that

some readiness race to beat this theme

from the black clip can barely keep up

me you're a loser

are we gonna run away yeah

great they want to speed up does that

sound wise anyway slow down the car is


damn you Raisa damn it

thank you for the ride I knew you

weren't black this material hey where's

your punk money now what happened is

he's also and they'll go

she's mine now hard and flatter a Mia


the winner circles over here

bus stops that way champ

the UC thought you were the one but your

mind now I don't have a car

understanding here hey where's your

fancy ride who cares

he's not gonna need it where he's going

and they wanna love you in the big house

baby where's your proof understanding

here sometime later


get in

I heard they didn't have enough on you

guess it's hard to nail you for street

racing when you don't have a ride razor

set you up he messed with your car it

gets worse

he's number one on the blacklist and he

used your ride to get there to get back

in you have to become notorious win

races and build up your bounty I've

hooked you up with a place to lay low in

the first you got to get yourself a new


hey ad it's Mia I got a friend coming by

do me a favor hook them up Thanks I owe



so girly now is pick our first car ever

so in this game there's actually a

progression hello it's crazy isn't it so

you got to start from the very bottom

upgrade your car and climb the blacklist

there's only free calls you can pick

from right now Lexus maybe for the Lexus

yeah it's go be the Lexus

I mean what's got the best acceleration

though is abysmal so it's got quite good

acceleration but alexis does have what

could handle him

mmm can't decide well this Chevy action

here for a Chevy go for Chevy yeah got


done that's pretty the first time I've

up it like I actually asked your speed

break with X and a is Henrik done okay


let's head I mean this is even a shot

we've got all


and this skies is the are an open world

most wanted rock pool city yes

compare this to the air the m3 yeah it's

very very slow we start from the very

very bottom when it climbs to the very

tops and get that car back

that's is the goal hopefully music will

be on for this series I hope so

now you too can be stupid if I miss

family bill so you found it all right

I did you think you can store your ride


consider it your safe house you can use

it to lie low when your heat gets too

high if you want to take out razor and

get your ride back you got a lot of work

to do you have to work your way up the

black list and take out everyone on the

way as far as they're concerned you're

just working to get back into the black

list pick the right event get enough

bounty and you can challenge a ranked

racer once they're all out of the way

razors all yours

cool I'll let you get back to business

I'll call you when the time is right





sunny I really won that golf so go win


get bouncy and take him on which I'm

definitely up for I wanted so badly but

that will probably be in the next

episode I think don't we race now is

that Cod good enough hopefully if you do

a quick race race why not launch the

event what would do we do this race


and then the next episode we can do the

rest of the events and take on the first

blacklist member oh yes you look at

these cars we can destroy them all

we even have nos I don't know unless you

don't know we don't great

breaks my little higher let's go first

proper race in my brand-new car please

find some speeds this is a sprint race

by the way so it's purely just on the

percent no laps eight to be as quick as

possible those women was actually quite

useful then when I overtake me undertake

amount I need to win special cut here

there is I remembered it there we go oh

what a dumb stuff it's soaked up I just

love the feathers game packs actually

has progression

drumming progression we wasted by the

fastest car straight away Oh cops cops



I just got there as well we're in front

of me they go straight for me as well


definitely cold sex screw you I'm in the

race the pure enough of distraction we

are rocketing by now

excuse me please just get out my way

it's not only me racing right now you

know there is other people great suit

it's for drivers Shirley just know for

me yeah the fact that we start with is

very low budget terrible terrible car

will eventually get the earth being free

back I love that I do love that even the

first practice car is should the Gulf

darling it's not anything special

we drink would you expects you attacked

me but at the end of the race is coming

up we're gonna do it we're gonna win

it's gonna happen

all right no two ways about it quarter

cup yeah it's the finish line please get

on my way done I filled up a suit does

actually continue so we could get some

some extra bounty it does continue right

a fuse what actually called fur you can

use these thingies take them out Oh

the cops great I feel good one actually

the cure one I took one out you know

Wilhelmina there's also time as well

sort of trying to last all make shapes

or too many chase I don't know I don't

read for besides


when guys I'm the sponsor right hand

excuse me coming through

what's this is a scientist I'm slow down

a little bit and don't say fruit boom

again oh yeah I'm evading i'm evading

good done let's stay here or is there

cop right there is a cop

damn it but they see me good eyes and

very good eyes

I can yeah oh it's donut my favorite

damn it Faceman

go left

and go left again - to just tear excuse


this never do nothing that's actually a

tire all right I'm up for that oh that's

a good boy well it's a fine line anyway

or something I know you saw me of some

ruffle happy

it's gonna run way though


right Hannah flying cool down

took them one of milestones done there

we go some bouncy so count six vehicles

dude that was too fun that was far too

fun all right get to the top of the

black list and pick raise it down so you

got race milestones bounties or lots of

stuff to do to climb up that black list

it's gonna be good so got two more

stones still available hit 80 miles an

hour for a speed camera oh yes and

please for suits tag two police vehicles

I'm very much up for that bouncing you

need a bit more I believe Jamie's 20,000

is up yeah 20,000 we got I believe yeah

13.6 it's not too bad and steal two more

races to do hey guys what you know have

you guys enjoyed it leave a like on this

video if you guys want to see more

tomorrow's let's drag it to thousand

lakes and bye bye