How to Install NFS Most Wanted on a Windows 10 PC | Classic NFS PC Tutorials

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Hey, this is 77 and today I’m gonna show you how you can get the PC version of 2005’s

Need for Speed Most Wanted running on a modern Windows 10 PC.

If you’re watching this and you don’t own a copy of the game, well, unfortunately,

it is unavailable on any digital storefronts like Steam or Origin…

Because of that, you will have to track down a physical copy of the game.

If you get one, this is how you can get it to work!

Firstly, pop the disk into your drive and run the autorun and click Ins- what...?

Why does it say ‘Play’...?

Well, it’s because you have Need for Speed Underground installed!

Let me explain!

What happened here was that the program checked to see if Most Wanted was already installed

on your computer.

If I remember correctly, it does this by checking if an EA game using a file called ‘speed.exe’

is present on your computer.

This file is what’s used to run Most Wanted.

It just so happens that Need for Speed Underground’s exe file is also called ‘speed.exe’.

To fix this, go to the folder where Underground is installed to and rename ‘speed.exe’

to something else.

After you finish installing Most Wanted, you can change the name back to ‘speed.exe’.

But now if we go and open the Autorun for Most Wanted, the Install option will now be